Ensuring .plete Cloud Security With Bsnl Idc For Your Business-yo te amo

Software Cloud security has be.e a major concern with the emergence of Cloud based services. Today, almost every service provider offers Cloud as a service, which also demands that they are secure, easy to use, IT friendly, fast, and capable of running high performance .plex applications. When it .es to quality Cloud .puting service providers, BSNL IDC is among the leaders in providing high level Cloud security irrespective of the size and stature of the organization. BSNL IDC is an ISO 27001 certified and ISAE 3402 .pliant organization that ensures physical, infrastructure, and operational security. It also follows all the necessary regulatory .pliances to provide .plete Cloud Security. BSNL IDC is known for providing Cloud security services as per the accepted best practices in the Industry. Often, Cloud .puting service providers are faced with multiple challenges related to data storage and movement. BSNL customers can use these standards and best practices to operate in a safe and secure environment. These features make BSNL IDC one of the leading service providers in terms of Cloud security, offering confidence and trust to their customers for maintaining confidentiality, availability, and integrity of sensitive data through Cloud based services. The different areas covered by BSNL IDC in terms of Cloud security include physical, operational, infrastructure, auditing and .pliance, and customer data. Physical security areas include security staff, rack level CCTC surveillance, visitor management, electronic security, and multi-factor authentication access control. In terms of operation security you have automated monitoring systems, logged access, secure media handling and destruction, etc. Data masking, retention and sanitization, back-up, encryption, lifecycle management, and copy protection are some of the features used for securing customer data. Infrastructure security is ensured through VM level firewall, perimeter security, vulnerability assessment, identity and access management. With a .plete audit trail reporting and independent business continuity plan, BSNL IDC qualifies as one of the leading Cloud .puting service providers with regards to Cloud security. Over the years, BSNL IDC has proved to be a trusted partner for using Cloud based services for its Cloud security features, high speed connectivity maximizing the output of Cloud services, ease of use, and adopting eco-friendly technologies. The Cloud security measures used by BSNL IDC have put them ahead of their .petitors as against other Cloud .puting service providers in gaining customer faith and confidence. The .anization is known for its versatile suite of Cloud based services catering to a wide range of customer needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: