Doctors depression suicide cited concern about the mental health of medical workers need more attent xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The doctor depression Dutch act cited concern about the mental health of medical workers should be paid more attention recently, Shanghai is a hospital doctor Dutch act the news of the death caused shock and regret to the public, a preliminary understanding found that the deceased suspected of suffering from depression, but in the eyes of people around, he is always cheerful and happy". Medical people, it is difficult from the doctor? Doctors are suffering from mental illness, in today’s society seems to be unexpected but reasonable thing. Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, director of clinical psychology department Lin Guozhen told · on the concept of Liberation Daily; news reporters, doctors, police and teachers are the high incidence of mental illness in high-risk occupation, especially the former two. And it is not difficult to find that they have in common is the need to deal with people for a long time." She pointed out that the medical staff from the dual factors of internal and external pressure, "from the internal, daily work pressure, promotion pressure, personal experience and character conflicts of family and society will let the doctor take. From the external point of view, the doctor’s occupation attribute determines the nature of the work and the environment to deal with the negative content in most of the time, and because the work object is, high expectations of family members of patients with long-term value in responsibility and let the doctor under the huge risk." A set of data also bluntly reflects the problem: Huashan hospital union key project "Shanghai city hospital clinical medical personnel occupation stress and burnout and mental health assistance strategies" that lead to the occupation stress and occupation burnout have significantly plagued doctors hospital mental health. 76% of the doctors in the emotional exhaustion in the presence of moderate and severe burnout, in the face of the presence of the service object and the environment, there are 78.8% tired, and the lack of personal accomplishment of 54.2%. This issue is not unique to Chinese doctors: in the developed countries of Europe and America, stress related mental disorders has become the fastest growing occupational disease of clinical medical staff. According to the survey, 25% of doctors have anxiety or stress related illnesses. In fact, when I was in the clinic, but also received a lot of peers to come to consult, this issue needs urgent attention." Lin Guozhen said, because as a medical worker, if you have depression, anxiety and other emotions, are susceptible to infection in patients with emotional health, or even errors." Doctors, the more negative emotions, the pressure of the group, the psychological health of the gap to fill the gap. In depression, for example, many patients are characterized by the external performance of all normal, they usually with a strong will power and self-discipline to control their emotions and behavior shows people, but at the time of collapse, vent." Lin Guozhen said that doctors and hospitals need to strengthen their awareness of prevention and control, the pressure management system to build up early warning. So, the city now has the psychological counseling and counseling channels for medical workers? Vice chairman of Shanghai Medical Union Ho Park told the Liberation Daily · on the view of news reporters, at present, to enhance the empathy of doctor-patient relationship, doctor psychological growth oriented Bahrain special group model have been widely used in many hospitals in the city. "Bahrain special" is an attempt in the hospital staff care program (EAP). Starting in 2014, we have a number of trade unions and other organizations in the city hospital相关的主题文章: