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Addictions It is true that most smokers are too addicted that they do not know how to quit smoking. The one important reason is there is no real alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes until recently. Electronic cigarettes have made a great impact in the market since they are known to be the health saver. The smokers do not know that tobacco cigarette contains more than four thousand hazardous substances that triggers anxiety and draws them to addiction. The whole chemical that is inhaled within 15 minutes creates a big havoc in the whole body. Just for so called relaxation and happiness the smokers are fueling their health to addiction. But today the new disposable electronic cigarette brings in a great relief to the smokers. A tobacco cigarette contains substances like arsenic which is used in rat poison, methane, hydrogen cyanide, butane, ammonia, cadmium, propylene glycol and formaldehyde. The source of these toxins is the pesticides used for culturing tobacco. When someone fathoms the chemicals in cigarettes they immediately discard the tobacco cigs to search for tobacco cessation equipment. E-Cigs are the best cessation device that helps in curbing the habit of cigarette smoking. E cigarettes come in different flavors and types apart from the basic original menthol flavor. This white magical piece functions in such a way to benefit the smokers without any harmful effects. It contains no harmful chemicals other than the nicotine, which the smokers are addicted through tobacco smoking. Moreover there is no worry of secondhand smoking. Basically e-cigarettes are designed keeping in mind to fulfill the recreational purpose of the smoker; hence, it fulfills both the cessation and recreational urge of smokers while other smoking cessation equipments fail to provide the recreational satisfaction to the smokers. The e- cigs mimic the original cigarettes in all aspects. A battery powers the e-cig and an atomizer and cartridge are the parts present in the electronic cigarettes. You can refill or replace the cartridges as when required. Furthermore, you can also choose any flavor depending upon your need. Today many companies are producing disposable electronic cigarettes, which dont include additional batteries. Disposable e- cigs are the best option for the starters who want to have a try for the first time. Though, initially you will feel like e-cigs are expensive, the over all usage will definitely save money. So choose the best e-cigs online and enjoy you vaping by keeping you hail and healthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: