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Dating It may seem a bit daunting to approach beautiful women at first. In your eyes, you picture her going out with someone far better looking that you, right? You wonder what she could ever see in you. Why would she go out with YOU? Right there is the beginning of your problem! Approaching beautiful women should be no different than approaching or talking to any woman from your sister to your best friends girl. Why do guys put beautiful women up on some pedestal like they are goddesses or unattainable? The fact is, beautiful women are pretty much like any woman. And most do not feel as beautiful as you think they are. Every woman is concerned about what she considers her flaws. Some obsess about their weight, others think they are too short, and still others hate their dimples. It does not really matter what it is she is hung up on. The bottom line is that she has hang-ups just like you do. So the first step to approaching beautiful women is to realize that they are very, very human, taken them down off of that pedestal you have them on, and go up to them realizing you have just as good of a shot with her as any other guy in the place. And man up a little! Act confident. (But do not get cocky!) In other words, hold your head up, relax, and for sure do not fidget. Give it your best shot and see how it goes. And regardless of the out.e, never take it personally. Having said all that, you should realize that women really do like a confident man. There is something very, very sexy about a guy who dresses well, takes care of himself, and feels good about himself. When you talk with women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, the one constant thing you will hear time after time is that they like a man who is confident and sure of himself. But women will also tell you there is a fine line between confident and cocky and you do not want to cross that line. Cocky guys act like they are better than women not just okay with themselves. They make inappropriate cracks about women, their place in the world, their figures, their sexuality, etc. They call women baby or honey before they know them well enough. They get into the personal space of women, leaning in too close or touching them with a familiarity he has not earned. They use cheesy pick up lines or try to anyway. All of these cocky approaches turn women off! Even if they tolerate your BS for a short time, you can be sure you would not get very far if they discover you are really as shallow as all that. And most are simply being polite if they put up with it at all. So, DO NOT ACT LIKE A JACKASS! The key to approaching beautiful women and all other women is confidence and sincerity. Realize that beautiful women want a relationship just as much as you do. They are not immune to being rejected or hurt any more than you are. They are human. Treat them as valuable human beings apart from their good looks and you will find the woman underneath the facade that is the person you relly want to get to know. Show confidence in yourself, but be real and sincere. Show her the real you and she will be much more likely to respond in a positive manner. So walk up to her, smile, and say hi. Introduce yourself and do not play games. Ask sincere questions and show a genuine interest. And remember, just because she is beautiful does not mean that she cannot be caught. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: