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Interior-Decorating Using silk flowers to add to your home dcor is a great option for a long lasting, fresh look. Faux flowers .e in various colors and arrangements, and just like the real thing they can help or hurt the look around your home if you use the wrong colors. Using silk flowers that are white can give you lots of options. White silk flowers go great in a room with a lot of dark, mahogany furniture to add some contrast. You can also use white silk flowers in an all white bedroom that will create a natural, clean and refreshing look. If you are looking to match silk flowers in arrangements white silk flowers go great with blues. If you buy fake flowers that are the traditional rose-colors you can use them almost anywhere in your home. The rose color goes great with brass, metals, and golds. You can add them near a lamp on an end table. Use lighter pink roses to decorate a room with dark reds and use traditional rose-colored silk flowers in rooms with lighter colors. It’s important to remember that a little red goes a long way. So don’t try to add dark-rose colored silk flowers to rooms that already have red elements like paint, furniture, etc. The color blue signifies strength and blue silk flowers can go great with a lot of different options. Use blue silk flowers in a white kitchen for a fresh look or in the bedroom for some contrast. Find a lighter green vase to display your blue silk flowers in lighter rooms. Blue silk flowers can be .plimented with yellow flowers, sunflowers and the versatility of blue means you can display the faux flowers anytime of the year. Floral Home Decor offers a large collection of home dcor including silk flowers. We can even make your very own silk flower arrangements to ensure that what you buy will go great with your home. For more information and examples of our silk flowers follow us on Pinterest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: