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Yunnan Dali Orchid Exposition "national treasure" orchid award limousine Beijing new network in Dali in February 22, (Bai Bin Zhang Xuanxi) 22, the twenty-sixth session of Chinese (Dali) Orchid Exposition to continue in Dali city held a national fitness center. By the Dali "Yunlong Orchid Garden" Su Zhimin cultivated a rare orchid Cymbidium longibracteatum "national treasure" won the special award, the prize is a limousine. Cymbidium longibracteatum "national treasures" flowers, art, leaves are cymbidiumensifolium in need, the difficulty in breeding, although after years of careful cultivation, at present only 4 seedlings. One orchid commented: "no matter from the rarity or quality of the species," national treasure "won the special gold medal is well deserved." The Orchid Exposition, nearly 10000 orchids, as many as more than 100 varieties, of which only to participate in awards of orchids more than 1000 pots. Whether it is a comprehensive museum, Sichuan Museum, Yunnan Museum, Dali Museum, museum, or Hong Kong and Macao International Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, a pavilion area are crowded, orchid fragrance. A lot of friends in the booth crowded around, using a mobile phone camera to capture the orchid, Jiao Zi Liang ying. In the merchants gathered outside the free trade area of the orchid flower stall, the friends lined up in a long queue, inquiry sound, bargain sound can be heard without end the whole region, like fair as bustling. One from Qingdao’s friends carrying a pot of orchids, smiles said: "this is the equivalent of a flower before seedling today bought a basin of price, now orchids were cheap, we ordinary people can enjoy orchids." A Mr. Li from Dali changed a lotus called orchid lotus with his BMW 740 car. According to Mr. Lee introduced the "Dutch town" is a few years ago he bought and sold to other unexpected friends, working several times this Miao Zhen He "came to the hands of Yang Yu Lan Tang poly. Because Mr. Li likes the "town Lotus" very much, wants to multiply in abundance, only then uses his own BMW sedan to change the beloved "town lotus". In recent years, Dali has become one of the main producing areas of orchid in China with its unique geographical advantages and abundant orchid resources. In 31 the national orchid species found in Dali, there are 25 species, accounting for 80% of the orchids, "Snow", "Snow", "Yong Huai Su", "Su Guan Ding Lotus" and many other brands are from Dali, especially in Yunnan variety, blue lotus the colors are bright and blue circles knowned, occupies an important position in the field of cymbidium. According to incomplete statistics, Dali orchid breeding scale in 10000, 5000 and 2000 basin basin basin above respectively reached 20, 50 farmers and 1000 households, the following 1000 pots of not less than 100 thousand. At the end of 2015, Dali orchid planting area, yield and output value amounted to 514.96 hectares, 92 million 527 thousand and 600 lines and 3 billion 314 million yuan, respectively, increased by 12.24%, 12.1% and 8.79% over the previous year, the statewide orchid annual turnover in 1 billion yuan. (end)

云南大理兰花博览会“国宝”兰花获奖高级轿车-中新网   中新网大理2月22日电 (柏斌 张绚曦)22日,第二十六届中国(大理)兰花博览会在大理市全民健身中心继续举行。由大理“云龙兰园”苏志敏栽培的稀有名兰春剑“国宝”获得特别金奖,奖品是一辆高级轿车。   春剑‘国宝’的花、艺、叶都是线艺兰中的极品,养殖难度大,虽然经过多年精心培育,目前也只有4苗。一位兰家评价说:“无论是从其物种的稀有度还是品质来说,‘国宝’获得特别金奖都是当之无愧的。”   此次兰花博览会参展兰花近万盆,多达100多个品种,其中仅参加评奖的精品兰花就达1000多盆。无论是综合馆、四川馆、云南馆,还是大理馆、港澳馆、国际馆、台湾馆,每一个展馆区都人头攒动、幽兰飘香。很多兰友簇拥在展台四周,用手机、照相机捕捉兰花的娇姿靓影。   在商客云集的场外兰花自由贸易区,摆摊卖花的兰友排成一条长龙,询价声、还价声不绝于耳,整个区域像赶集一样热闹非凡。一位来自青岛的兰友端着一盆兰花,满脸笑容地说:“这个花以前一苗就相当于今天买的一盆的价格,现在的兰花价格便宜了,我们普通人也可以购买兰花欣赏。”   一位来自大理市的李先生用自己的宝马740轿车现场换走了一苗叫做“镇荷”的莲瓣兰。据李先生介绍,“镇荷”是他几年前意外买回又卖给了其他兰友,几经周转,这苗“镇荷”来到了聚兰堂的杨雨手中。由于李先生十分喜欢“镇荷”,想要大量繁殖,才用自己的宝马轿车换回了心爱的‘镇荷’。   近年来,大理凭借独特的区位优势、丰富的兰花资源成为中国兰花的主产区之一。在全国所发现的31个兰花属种中,大理就有25种,占全国兰种的80%,“大雪素”、“小雪素”、“永怀素”、“素冠荷鼎”等许多名品均出自大理,特别是滇产莲瓣兰因品种丰富、色彩艳丽而蜚声兰界,在我国兰界占有重要地位。   据不完全统计,大理州兰花养殖规模在10000盆、5000盆和2000盆以上的花农分别达20户、50户和1000户,1000盆以下的不低于10万户。截至2015年年底,大理州兰花种植面积、产量和产值分别达514.96公顷、9252.76万株和33.14亿元,比上年分别增加12.24%、12.1%和8.79%,全州兰花年交易额在10亿元左右。(完)相关的主题文章: