Dad’s company is more important than imagination – Sohu maternal puritans pride

Dad is more important than imagined Sohu mother you may find stay-at-home mom or nanny aunt, grandparents with baby everywhere, but we seldom see will accompany the child’s father’s figure, whether because of this, that Dad Company is not important? The answer was No. In fact, Dad’s company, much more important than we think. It can even be said that in a person’s life, the father’s influence will be more than his mother. Mother is generally gentle, cautious, and sometimes even partial sensitive, timid. The father is often a combination of sensibility and reason, and this is the key to open the secret of baby wisdom. My father has more courage to try to explore the character, also have rich knowledge and strong practical ability, judgment ability and more rational, profound, for the development of these children’s vision, cultivation of cognitive ability and creativity is more beneficial. If the long-term only by the mother’s unilateral impact, may cause boys to have a male character. For girls, it is difficult to make them understand the character of men and their differences with women. WHO, the latest research results show that contact with his father one day at least two hours a week compared with the boy, with his father with less than 6 hours of boys, the former more clever, and has better character, stronger ability to adapt to the environment. Because in his father and children get along, his style is more adventurous, which is more in line with the nature of the boy, and with his mother, boys tend to be suppressed by these nature. Psychologists in the former Soviet Union found that the father of his daughter’s character, even greater than the mother or any other person. A girl can instinctively perceive how she should behave in order to make her happy. If their behavior by the father’s approval, she will be long-term performance, even to adulthood will continue. In addition, the father with the child, the mother’s emotional and physical and mental health is also of great benefit. "Do not support, the father of the" we in fact since ancient times attention to children’s education and the traditional father, but now more and more father out of family education, the education of children all the responsibility imposed on mothers, all-round and healthy development which is not conducive to children’s physical and mental, and the mother is not fair, mom will lead to loneliness on the education of children on the road, even exhausted and burnout. The Turkey psychological researchers, afterburner wrote, to help children personality growth, including children in intelligence, emotional expression and ability to adapt to society’s growth, a good father to take care of their children than mothers of their children’s care, can increase the 25%-30% positive effect, visible father has higher efficiency in education children, if the father can assume their own responsibility for education, accompany the child, for a mother, is not only the physical aspects of liberation, is more emotional comfort, happiness is also essential for the stability of the entire family. I hope that more of my father can play a little game, look at some of the mobile phone, push out some entertainment, more involved in the child’s education, and to give the child more efficient companionship相关的主题文章: