Cosmetic bag was man is really the exposure of Shen Mengchen makeup powder sorpack

Cosmetic bag was the exposure of the "man" Shen Mengchen is really the mango powder makeup "real man 2" so on Yang Mi, to go forward with great strength and vigour, Liyan Tong, Shen Mengchen, Zhang blueheart, and Huang Zitao, Sun Yang, Jiang kifo and Li Rui, when the star entered the army camp, think it will make people feel nervous and excited about it! As we know, Su Yan exposure, real weight exposure. There is also a thorough exposure makeup bag! Female stars may not expect, even in the barracks skin care products have to be checked again! Although like Liyan Tong Yang Mi did not directly put the bottles back over, choose the sub bottle of light. But we can still see the signs from the camera! We take a look, from left to right is Shen Mengchen, Liyan Tong, Yang Mi, Zhang blueheart, Xiao Bian probably marked each pile of skin care products are who we should remember this order, in this small series after analyzing their use of skin care products is very important! First, let’s look at Shen Mengchen’s makeup bag, after all, her makeup bag inside the product identification is very high! Shen Mengchen is really a fan of hundred-percent makeup makeup bag, her most products are Korean products, of course, there are a small number of Japanese law and cosmeceutical products: first is to identify the best number of WHOO products, a small bottle can be recognized as WHOO products, from the material point of view, obviously the weather is Dan series, from the details of texture judging, a bottle is from the WHOO weather Dan flowers and a bottle of essence, because not too clear, the initial guess the weather may be Dan flowers nourishing lotion, Dan weather is mainly aimed at improving the color of skin problems, mainly for girls over the age of 28 to use it seems that Shen Mengchen is a very demanding of color sister paper. The second is to identify good Innisfree product, to see that this is a volcano Innisfree mud mask in color and style, but the small fresh home volcano mud mask is out of the two branches, one is Jeju Island volcano mud rock pore cleansing effect of the mask, there is a Jeju Island volcano rock pore clay clean Firming facial mask, identification method is very simple, the cover of Jeju Island volcano mud rock pore cleansing mask effect is golden brown, and Shen Mengchen in the same picture. This product is mainly to solve a variety of problems like disposable skin pores, suitable for composite skin or skin girl. Next is this cleansing products, because the camera just gently swept, Xiao Bian hesitated this blue is the remover layered or bottle color, but look you will find a pattern on the bottle, so the possibility of judging the eye makeup remover is very big, Shen Mengchen later when remover is also mentioned your mascara is waterproof, not very good discharge, so her make-up bag will carry a bottle of eye makeup remover. Eye makeup remover is the Japanese medicine is fire, cleansing ability is good, if it is to go out if you can carry the makeup remover. Put on makeup remover is obviously behind the cleanser, judging from cleanser, nourishing crystal Sulwhasoo in color and unique shape of the cover, Shen Mengchen seems very care for skin this thing really, be with.相关的主题文章: