Comment care for the elderly in Henan Chongyang – Mo –

Comment: care for the elderly in Henan Chongyang – Mo – original title: caring for the elderly is confined to Chongyang Yu Qingming Chongyang Festival is coming, some places have deployed the nursing activities — such as visit, mobilize the community to send warm love, hold the retired personnel and cultural festival sports a series of exhibitions and activities etc.. During the Spring Festival and Chongyang, learn from Lei Feng day’s Day eve, about respecting and caring for the elderly activities of the press a "blowout". In fact, the elderly should also pay attention to the way of love, I put forward some suggestions. A love is not like a swarm of bees do not stick to the Double Ninth Festival, or for the month. To the old love, should try to stagger the peak holiday, will be more evenly distributed to ordinary love activities, change the holidays welfare homes, nursing homes serious overload, usually but shaorenwenjin. Two love is not confined to the city can not favour one more than another, the elderly, can not be confined to a few convenient city nursing homes, but also to take care of the elderly and remote areas of the suburban apartments for the elderly, rural welfare. Three is to give love to content and light form. Some units frequently dispatched a large team of dozens of people, and the old man can adhere to the "friendship", or even the old days by love who took 7 feet. So, love the old man became a toss old". This kind of love has changed the taste, into a "deal" and "to complete the task". Caring for the elderly is also a knowledge, pay attention to grasp the time, place and manner. So, to love and to the old man’s heart, so that they can truly feel the warmth of love. (source: Beijing Youth Daily) (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Shen Zhiyuan)相关的主题文章: