City transformation face health care problem Qinhuangdao to build 520 square kilometers of Ya autobots

City transformation face health care problem   Qinhuangdao to build 520 square kilometers of Yang Kang Town – real estate — original title: Qinhuangdao to build 520 square kilometers of Yang Kang Metro wind blowing on the coast of Bohai, cool but not conceal the hot construction of the New District of Beidaihe. In September 5th to 6 at the second session of the China health care industry development forum, the Qinhuangdao municipal Party committee secretary Meng Xiangwei said, Beidaihe national health industry innovation demonstration zone is approved by the state, the coastal layout of the 520 square kilometers of "Chinese North Kang to keep" call out. City transformation face health care problem selection of hot and difficult society facing the development of rehabilitation and pension industry, economic and social transformation in Qinhuangdao and the Beijing Tianjin dislocation development initiative. Meng Xiangwei said that the health industry as an important part of modern service industry, covering a wide range of industrial chain length, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the economy, enhance the core competitiveness of the city has a very important role in promoting. Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, KMT Central Committee Vice Chairman Qi Xuchun said, as a tourist city, Qinhuangdao based Sung Kang keeps the city transformation. Tourism city should be based on their own resources to upgrade the development of natural resources, change the dependence of scenic spots, scenic spots of economic and social operation mode." He believes that the health industry as a tourism industry upgrading, market potential, in line with the expectations of people’s health needs, should be a strategic choice to meet the conditions of the city. "The rapid increase of the aging population in our country is not optimistic about the health status of the elderly." Wang Haidong, director of the National Health Planning Commission family planning development, said the national population in 2050 will reach 33%, with an average of every 3 people there are 1 elderly, pension and a variety of chronic disease rehabilitation needs. With the rapid increase in the aging population asymmetry, but it is a serious shortage of professional care beds, nursing staff is extremely short. There are only 100 thousand qualified nurses, while the market demand is up to 10 million people." Wang Haidong said that some of the professional expertise of the pension institutions admitted to hospital queuing time or even more than 100 years. The proposed "China health test area" "Panzhihua city successfully transformed from an industrial city to a modern service industry based on the health of the city, sustained and healthy economic development." Qi Xuchun told reporters in Guizhou, Zunyi by building along the River Inn, Yang Kang Kang Yang Town, also successfully achieve transformation and development. He suggested that Qinhuangdao, Panzhihua and other natural and economic and social basis for the city to build the China health care pilot area for the community and the family to lift worries. Deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration, such as Yu pointed out that Panzhihua, Qinhuangdao, Sanya and other cities due to the special geographical environment, creating a suitable rehabilitation, health of the natural environment. "Panzhihua winter sunshine, winter can wear thin clothing, suitable for health; characteristics of summer sea breeze in Qinhuangdao, in the North sea wind hot period, cool and comfortable, very suitable for summer." He said that the construction of health care pilot zone, first of all need to consider climate, environment and other natural factors. Qi Xuchun said that around Hebei should take the initiative to leveraging the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei to find business opportunities. "Looking for what kind of business opportunities? Looking for Beijing, Tianjin相关的主题文章: