China provides typhoon relief assistance to Philippines-queer as folk

Philippines, China News Agency, Manila, October 25 (reporter Zhang Ming) recently, Philippines suffered typhoon hippocampus attack, resulting in significant loss of personnel and property. According to the Chinese Embassy in Philippines announced the news, as of now, China’s total relief assistance to the Philippines about 90 million pesos. According to the Chinese Embassy in Philippines, in October 20th, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his condolences to the government and people of Philippines in his talks with visiting president of Philippines, Duthel Te. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi also call the Philippines foreign minister expressed condolences. The government decided to Chinese Philippines aid 5 million yuan relief funds. In October 24th, China Embassy in Philippines to the government donated 50 million pesos in aid for the relief of typhoon Philippines farmers and fishermen. The Chinese Red Cross will also provide $100 thousand in humanitarian aid. Chinese Embassy in Philippines said that China believes that under the leadership of President Duthel Te, the people in the disaster areas will be able to overcome the disaster, an early resumption of normal production and living. (end)相关的主题文章: