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Marketing Celica Marketing, based out of Glasgow, is of course not the first event marketing company in the UK. Event marketing has always been done, in the best of ways, by many direct marketing companies all over the world. Many are the direct marketing companies that have made their presence felt in a big way in this sector, which has its own potentials and scope. Many are the products that have successfully been launched and promoted using the immense possibilities of event marketing. Many are the customers who have been benefited out of event marketing and its usefulness. But, anyhow, Celica Marketing has managed to make its own contribution to event marketing. The company, which started operating only about three years ago, in early 2007, has succeeded in re-defining event marketing principles and revolutionising the basic concepts itself. The company gave a new direction and a fresh impetus to event marketing and made things go booming, in a never-before kind of manner. Celica Marketing, which aims at bringing directly to the people of Glasgow the best of brands available in the international markets, focusses attention on tailoring individual and comprehensive marketing campaigns for each of the client companies and organising suitable events to get the results the clients expect and deserve. This of course is what every event marketing company does, but here it’s done in a more systematic and professional manner. The sales and marketing guys who are part of the campaigns make it a point to stay in touch with direct marketing professionals all over the world, studying trends and changes in the international market. They thus come up with the most advanced and innovative of ideas and marketing strategies. The promotional campaigns thus gain a new colour, a new direction and get ready to take giant leaps. The way these sales and marketing guys take care of the interests of the customers and the clients is nothing short of exemplary. The results too are spectacular. All this and much more stand testimonial to the fact that event marketing has started going full throttle after the entry of Celica Marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: