Calculate the Spring Festival these days 17 days can receive overtime

Calculate the Spring Festival these days: 17 days can receive overtime pay the newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) today officially opened the new home work mode, people nature is lost, and people can stick to their posts, calculate their smile these days of overtime, actually can be worth 17 days of wages! According to this year’s Spring Festival holiday arrangements, from February 7th to February 13th holiday, which in February 7 to 9, also is the new year’s Eve, the Spring Festival, the second of the 3 days is the national holiday, and the third to sixth is adjacent to the two weekend off. According to the "Beijing wage payment regulations", to work in legal holidays, should not be less than the base of daily or hourly wages 300% pay overtime wages; in the weekend work, the employer shall first make arrangements for workers at the same time, can not make, or in accordance with the salary base pay overtime 200% hours daily wage of not less than. That is to say, the new year’s Eve, the first two days of the 3 day, overtime pay 3 times the daily wage shall be in accordance with the base, the third to sixth 4 days which should be paid overtime wages in accordance with the usual 2 times. According to the regulations of the Ministry of human resources and social security, China’s system is paid for 21.75 days. On the base of pay and salary system is by individual workers to pay on the division. With a monthly salary of 6000 yuan workers as an example, if he has been working in the Spring Festival period if the days of his overtime should be: the new year’s Eve to grade 6000÷ 21.75× 300%× 3=2482.76 yuan, the third to sixth 6000÷ 21.75× 200%× 4= 2206.9 yuan, a total of 4689.66 yuan. This means that employees overtime is the 7 day of the new year, he usually wages 17 times. In the Spring Festival, there is a special group of workers, that is housekeeping staff. Many families have complained that every new year’s day in order to keep the nanny will try to please them, red envelopes, gifts, had invested a lot; now the nanny’s salary is high, but hundreds of million, childcare Sao five thousand or six thousand, ordinary domestic aunt also have 4000 yuan in the new year, if these days real wages 17 times, at least have to pay three thousand or four thousand yuan, it is really a bit too much. However, the above mentioned overtime calculation method is only applicable to employees with labor relations with the units, but most of the current housekeeping staff is not employee system, they are not between employers and labor relations. A small number of employee managed housekeeping companies may have special arrangements, but that’s what happens between housekeeping companies and waiters. As for the employer to how much overtime, or to read their original contract with domestic companies. Source: Beijing evening news goes into Sina Finance and economics stock

算算春节这几天加班费:能领17天工资   本报讯(记者代丽丽)今天正式开启上班模式,过年回家的人自然是一阵失落,而坚守岗位的人则可以窃喜一下了——算算自己这几天的加班费,居然可以抵得过17天的工资!   根据今年春节的放假安排,2月7日至2月13日放假,其中2月7至9日,也就是除夕、春节、初二这3天算是国家法定节假日,而初三至初六则是相邻两个周末的调休。根据《北京市工资支付规定》,在法定休假日工作的,应当按照不低于日或者小时工资基数的300%支付加班工资;在周末休息日工作的,用人单位应当首先安排劳动者在同等时间补休,不能安排补休的,按照不低于日或者小时工资基数的200%支付加班工资。也就是说,除夕、初一、初二这3天,加班费应按照日工资基数的3倍支付,初三至初六这4天应按照平时工资的2倍支付加班费。   根据人力资源和社会保障部的规定,我国的制度计薪日为21.75天。日工资基数就是由职工个人的月薪与制度计薪日相除得来。以一名月薪6000元的员工为例,如果他在春节期间一直在岗工作的话,他这几天的加班费应为:除夕至初二6000÷21.75×300%×3=2482.76元,初三至初六6000÷21.75×200%×4=2206.9元,合计4689.66元。这样算来,这名职工春节7天的加班费是他平时17倍的日工资。   春节坚守岗位的劳动者中有一个特殊群体,那就是家政服务员。很多家庭都抱怨,每到过年时为了留住保姆都要想方设法讨好她们,发红包、送礼物,原本就投入不少了;如今保姆的工资又高,月嫂动辄上万元,育儿嫂也五六千,普通家政阿姨也得4000元以上了,过年这几天要是真发17倍工资的话,至少也要多付三四千元,还真让人有点吃不消。不过,上文所说的加班费的计算方法只适用于与单位存在劳动关系的员工,而目前大多数家政服务员并不是员工制,她们和雇主之间并非劳动关系。少数实行员工制的家政公司可能会有特殊安排,但那也是家政公司跟服务员之间的事情。至于雇主要给多少加班费,还是好好翻翻自己当初跟家政公司签订的合同。来源:北京晚报 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: