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Calcium delicacy: Celery Leaves bean dregs egg soft pancake, let the baby love bite – Sohu maternal mother nagging: Hometown Miao reproduction rime today share the delicacy and share a few bestie taken home beauty; because beautiful, bestie always said with a fairy tale world; my hometown in a border the town of Heilongjiang, where there is almost no industry, once in the Great Northern Wilderness, there is a lake called Xingkai Lake, across the lake is the Russian town yesterday; reproduction rime wonders, what a beautiful word; so we are far from home and sisters, have "stolen" Friends of the pictures, leave home only to find his hometown is so beautiful beautiful, pure, also miss the taste of home, goo, pickled cabbage stew vermicelli, ribs stewed beans… Haha, talk about this point ~ small fruit red or the like In the vivid fairy tale world ~ we have snow in the northeast, a lot of friends in Shenzhen, the message said that 30 degrees today still wear short sleeve; the territory of the motherland big ah ~ this is my friend at home near the park to shoot, the true fairy tale world ~ face such as picturesque picture, I really the hope in my mind, only the word is snow these plain words, those beautiful sentences before the expression does not come out, if I were a student, such as the estimated to be ~ haha celery leaves soft bean dregs egg pancake appreciate the perfect king, continue to share a delicious delicacy calcium had a fried celery; yesterday, leaves are tender, not willing to throw away, and just tofu this morning. Soybean Milk filtered out, two of them together, can To do the cake, a few days ago to do so once, baby said love, today to start, let mother ~ many families have to throw away waste food ingredients, it is both delicious and collocation, calcium; [material] celery leaves 60g, carrot half root, 2 egg, tofu (bean dregs play Soybean Milk after filtration the amount of flour) 60g, milk 100ml, shrimp, salt, five spice powder amount [1] practice; celery leaves wash scalded with boiling water after the fish; looked at a lot of the celery leaves, a boiled water is not much ~ 2 will be a good hot and cool after chopped celery leaves, Huw Rob Che; 3 the bean dregs into the flour, egg, milk, stir well; 4 chopped celery leaves, chopped carrot at the end, shrimp stir into batter, then add the right amount of 5; Salt, five spice seasoning, stir well; 6 or dianbingcheng pan, apply a thin layer of oil, pour the batter slowly and evenly spread into round cakes; 7 to be shaped after; both sides of the fried golden fried cooked; 8 cool and slice plate; 9 with porridge and catering is a delicious delicious breakfast [] 1; how to make the technique of coating a thin layer of oil coating is: pour a small amount of oil, then use a brush or a wooden shovel spread evenly separated; 2 with dianbingcheng total about 4, with 5 minutes of time to do a pan; about 7 or 8 minutes; 3 shrimp!相关的主题文章: