By the end of a covert mobile casino captured 52 13 million people seized gambling money-x3210

Zengcheng take away a covert mobile gambling and arrested 52 people and seized 130 thousand yuan of money     Information Times News (reporter Luo Yanghui correspondent Liao Yunyun Zhang Yitao) man opened factories have considerable income, but with a partner to open a casino and gambling, the worst one week lost hundreds of thousands, his wife and mother-in-law ride inside. Recently, the police in Guangzhou, Zengcheng, according to the report letter of the masses, in one fell swoop, lost a hidden gambling gang in Xintang, arrest 23 members of the gang according to law.     chess room "turned" casino     at the beginning of August, Zengcheng police received an anonymous letter, informants reflect some people gambling in Xintang, a chess room, and points out that it is behind a man laimou gambling organization. After in-depth investigation, the police found that the chess room operator is a woman, her husband is Lai lai. Zhang Bo, who has close contacts with Lai, has been arrested by public security organs for many times. While Zhang Moubo and laimou secretly Daoteng "main", is a casino. The gambling Gang mainly to foreign staff working in Xintang on "three", the casino has no fixed place, gambling time from late night until dawn, the casinos are arranged sophisticated lookout personnel.     the police of the gang had been carried out the net action, but failed. On the night of September 1st, the casino was ready to gamble in another place in Xintang. More than 3 points early in the morning of September 2nd, the police decided the time is ripe, expand the net capture, scene 52 people were arrested gambling, gambling money seized 130 thousand yuan in cash, as well as playing cards gambling group.     money to gamble to join fee "    after the examination, the gambling gang Zhang Moubo in 6 as the boss, Chen, Yang et al as some staff, responsible for the lookout, some in the field of licensing, usury, money. Each selected by Zhang gambling place, then to pull the way of "three".     on the spot from the gambling Gang gambling pumping. In order to attract on-site personnel to gamble, those who are present to pay for gambling, when leaving the field can receive at least 100 yuan of "support fee"". Casinos can pump tens of thousands of dollars almost every time. Arrested the same day, gambling in less than 4 hours, gambling site reached 130 thousand yuan.     boss: "thanks to the police caught me early"     "to say the truth, thanks to the police caught me earlier, save me, I am afraid of getting deeper and deeper, and I don’t know how much money I’ll bet on!" Zhang, one of the bosses of the gambling Gang, cried to the police after being arrested.     30 year old Zhang was young, in Xintang opened a washing workshop, a good income, the family is also very happy, but why is gambling. At the beginning, Zhang was also brought to the casino gambling with friends, "2 days lost more than 40 thousand, in the heart of the money to win back, can not help but repeatedly bet, the more lost the more."." Later, someone pulled him into shares, and Zhang thought he could get profits from the casino pumping, so he joined. However,. 增城端掉一隐蔽流动赌场 抓获52人收缴13万元赌资   信息时报讯 (记者 罗阳辉 通讯员 廖云赟 张毅涛)男子开工厂有可观收入,却跟人合伙开赌场并参与赌博,最惨时一周输掉几十万,还把老婆和丈母娘搭了进去。近日,广州增城警方就根据群众的举报信,一举端掉了一个隐藏在新塘地区的赌博团伙,依法逮捕团伙成员23名。   棋牌室“变身”赌场   8月初,增城警方收到一封匿名举报信,举报人反映在新塘的某棋牌室有人聚众赌博,且指出这背后是一名男子赖某组织聚赌。经深入调查,民警发现该棋牌室经营者是名女性,其丈夫正是赖某。与赖某交往密切的张某波,已多次因参赌被公安机关抓获。而张某波和赖某暗地里捣腾的“主业”,就是开赌场。该赌博团伙主要拉拢在新塘打工的外来人员赌“三公”,赌场没有固定场所,开赌时间从深夜持续到天亮前,赌场周边都安排有老练的望风人员。   警方对该团伙曾开展过收网行动,但未能成功。9月1日晚,赌场又准备在新塘另一处开赌。9月2日凌晨3点多,警方判断时机成熟,展开收网抓捕,现场共抓获涉赌人员52人,收缴赌资13万元现金,以及纸牌等赌具一批。   出钱参赌就给“捧场费”   经审查,该赌博团伙中的张某波等6人为老板,陈某、杨某等人作为工作人员,有的负责望风,有的在场内发牌、放高利贷、收钱。每次由张某选好开赌的地方,再以人拉人的方式赌“三公”。   赌博团伙从当场的赌资中抽水。为吸引现场人员参赌,凡是到场出钱参赌的人,在离场时都能收到至少100元的“捧场费”。赌场几乎每次都能抽水数万元。抓捕当天,开赌不到4个小时的时间里,现场赌资就达到13万元。   老板:“多亏警察早点抓到我”   “说句真心话,多亏了警察早点抓到我,挽救我,自己都害怕越陷越深,后面不知道还要赌掉多少钱!”赌博团伙老板之一的张某在被捕后向民警哭诉道。   30岁的张某本来年轻有为,在新塘开了间洗水作坊,收入不错,家庭也很美满,但偏偏就是好赌。一开始,张某也是被朋友带着来赌场赌博,“2天就输掉4万多,心里急着把钱赢回来,忍不住一再去赌,越输越多。”后来有人拉他入股,张某心想还能分到赌场抽水的获利,于是加入。然而,张某的分红远远不够填补他在赌桌上输掉的,他自称最惨时一周就赌输十几万。   这一次,张某不仅自己被捕,还搭上了老婆和丈母娘。在9月2日当晚,张某的老婆和丈母娘也在赌场参赌,最后都被警方抓获,并处以行政拘留。相关的主题文章: