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Buyers and sellers quickly entered the "wait-and-see period" — real estate — original title: buyers and sellers quickly entered the "wait-and-see period" Beijing "9? 30" introduction of new property market, blocking the rapid rise in the market rhythm, the National Day "Golden Week" holiday, buyers and sellers quickly enter the new policy "period". According to the official website of the statistical data, October 1st to 7, Beijing residential total net signed 425 units, the lowest value since 2011 National Day holiday period. Official data showing a small holiday residential net signed volume 425 reporters according to Centaline Property Research Center and the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee statistics, the National Day "Golden Week" of 7 days, the Beijing new residential net signed 216 sets of second-hand housing to achieve, achieve net signed 209 sets, both the total contracted 425 sets. This data is the lowest since 2011 National Day golden week, compared to 543 units in the same period in 2015 also fell by 21.7%. "Of course, this transaction is also reflected in the data reflect the continuation of ‘Kim Gu’." Beijing Centaline market director Zhang Dawei told reporters that during the holidays, reflect the volume of network signing system is basically in a resting state, the day before the signing was postponed to turnover during the National Day holiday turnover and net signed, so can not reflect the actual situation of the market. From the introduction of the 9 Beijing, the new regulation of the new deal is expected to house prices in Beijing will quickly cool, the fourth quarter will be significantly slowed down in a large number of housing supply, the price of some areas are likely to adjust." Buyers and sellers are in a wait-and-see indeed, the regulation of the introduction of the new deal, let the holiday Beijing property market compared to the "Kim Gu" is much deserted, both had shot to buyers or willing sellers, into a new deal for a "wait-and-see period". September had to buy a large-sized apartment to make investment in the public Miss Yang, in the regulation of the property market after the new deal, he categorically abandoned into the idea of "now do, to become two sets from the first set of loans, down payment of at least 20% more funds, too nervous." The holidays to go to the intermediary buyers also found that the store was very lively, during the golden week has become particularly deserted. Two afternoon, when I was sitting in the store to pick the housing period, in addition to me, no one to the house." During the holidays, members of the public in the north of the North Sanhuan three suites. And in September the two showings have other buyers with the look is not the same, the three suites, the whole process is only one person. According to the broker to Xiao Hou said, the impact of the new deal in the loan policy for many buyers is not small, so the holidays find broker customers most just about the market situation, basically no deep talk intention; or even a little, want to buy a new meaning, after comparing, will find Shoufu a number of high than expected. "This holiday, I have to come home from work early with family." Broker Mr. Gao told reporters this morning, no houses, no buyers, sellers, the "three noes" let his holiday to rest will not work, "estimated that the wait-and-see will continue for a while." House)相关的主题文章: