Bite brother interview new three board self fixed increase will be circumvented-mentalist

Bite brother interview: new three board "self fixed increase" will be circumvented? The sina finance opinion leaders institution column brother Zhang Chi source: on February 19, 2016 China network finance Zheng Lanyu happy twist three new board set by one and a half months, the price difference of 44 times, this phenomenon on brother Zhang Chi said, "since the new board of listed company financing will increase regardless of how many reasons were given only 6 words — add liquidity." Twist the new board "capricious" set by the day before the happy, happy twist wayward set by one and a half billion boss earned 1.5 paper by the media is crazy reproduced, after less than one and a half months, the stock price difference before and after the happy twist 44 times, was dubbed "the investors are given by the most capricious". Today, according to China net financial reporter learned that shares of the company strong punch, "after the directional issue to raise funds mainly used as supplementary liquidity, to explain the necessity to add liquidity in the program and the issue of issuance report." In this regard, the new chairman Ding capital brother Zhang Chi to Chinese gnawing financial network said: "since the new board of listed company financing will increase regardless of how many reasons were given only 6 words — add liquidity. But some companies are not short of money, but at a few billion in financing high, so it is necessary to illustrate the purpose and necessity of additional liquidity even match the liquidity of the expected future earnings." Zhang Chi said, this can avoid "chaos money" phenomenon in a certain extent, the future regulation and accountability also laid the foundation of great significance in benign. The author of this paper introduces: Zhang Zhen, the chairman of Beijing new Ding Rong Hui Capital Management Co., Ltd., WeChat public number: gnaw brother Zhang chi. This article is the author’s exclusive authorization to use sina finance, please do not reprint. The statements made do not represent the views of the station.

啃哥专访:新三板“任性定增”将会被规避?   文 新浪财经意见领袖机构专栏 啃哥张驰   文章来源:2016年2月19日 中国网财经 郑岚予   开心麻花新三板定增,一个半月股价相差44倍,对此现象啃哥张驰称,“一直以来新三板的挂牌公司无论融资多少给出的定增理由均只有6个字――补充流动资金。” 开心麻花新三板“任性”定增   日前,开心麻花任性定增,老板一个半月赚1.5亿一文被媒体疯狂转载,据悉前后不到一个半月的时间,开心麻花的股票价格前后差了44倍,被股民们戏称“最任性的定增”。   今天,据中国网财经记者得知,股转公司强拳出击,要求“以后定向发行募集资金用途主要为补充流动资金的,需要在发行方案及发行情况报告书中说明补充流动资金的必要性。”   对此,新鼎资本董事长啃哥张驰对中国网财经表示:“一直以来新三板的挂牌公司无论融资多少给出的定增理由均只有6个字――补充流动资金。但有的企业并不缺钱,却在高点动辄融资几个亿,所以很有必要说明补充流动资金的必要性和用途甚至包括跟该项流动资金相匹配的未来盈利的预计。”   张驰称,这样能够在一定程度上避免“乱圈钱”现象的发生,对今后的监管和追责也奠定了良性的基础,意义很重大。   (本文作者介绍:本名张驰,北京新鼎荣辉资本管理有限公司(新鼎资本)董事长,微信公众号:啃哥张驰。)   本文为作者独家授权新浪财经使用,请勿转载。所发表言论不代表本站观点。相关的主题文章: