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Music Benny Rogosnitzky Stands Out as an Inspirational Cantorial Music Singer When Benny Rogosnitzky was born, may be it never appeared to his parents what his real potential was. Just like any other child, they must have wished him well hoping that one day he will become somebody in society and that could just have been the probable end to the story. But as the young boy grew, he must have developed interest in religion and in particular singing as he started his musical experience as early as the age of 16. However, Benny may not have become what he is today were it not for the keen eye of Cantor Johnny Gluck who spotted him at this mid teenage life and coached him into this very kind of life. It would therefore be hard to mention his early singing life without Johnny coming into the picture. Today, Rogosnitzky is well recognized for his contribution to life through his music which helps in bringing devotion to those who listen to him. At the age of 16, this well known cantor began his singing which would attract many people who wanted to listen to him. He would do it as a soloist together with Johnny and in 1996; he achieved the ability of singing cantorial music. Benny Rogosnitzky was born in England where he was to later join High Holiday services at the influential Brighton and Hove Jewish synagogue after school. He schooled at both the Netherlands and Johannesburg. He was to later form Cantor world center due to his great love for cantor music which was open to all the cantor music enthusiasts from all over the world. His music is more soulful owing to the softness and the genuineness of his voice. He is well known to practice in his life what he sing in his music something that has helped to push his music throughout those years. A music master degree holder from the Royal Manchester school of Music and art, Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky was later to be appointed as the senior Cantor in the prestigious Jewish Center of the upper west side where he offered his services for a duration of 13 years of which he really inspired through his services. This is in addition to the many concerts which he has done around the world with Europe and the USA getting a better share of these performances. Like any other musician, Benny had to begin small, with some of his performances attracting only a handful of audience but he grew to a point where at times he would sing with a choir of more than 20 voices to an audience gathered to High Music. Although he has enjoyed his own share of glory in his music career, Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky enjoys teaching the young children the art of Cantor music and this lead him to begin the cantor world where he would instruct both the old and the young is different ways as far as this kind of music is concerned. He has been involved in lecturing in different music schools in addition to his numerous compositions and performances. He is an exceptional singer and his voice really inspires the crowds during his performances. .bennyrogosnitzky.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: