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Business Sarees have been an integral part of Indian Tradition and Culture for a long time now. Nothing can surpass the beauty of an Indian woman dressed in a traditional Saree. The traditional feminine beauty of Indian women is best accentuated by a well-draped Saree. India is a land with diverse cultures and religions living in confluence with one another. There are numerous festivals that fill the Indian rural and urban setup with jubilation and fanfare throughout the year. Sarees are worn in almost every region of India but the diversity is apparent in saree patterns and designs including saree-wearing styles. West Bengal has been a hub of rich Bengali culture with its traditional and cultural roots deeply seated in the rich heritage of the past. Sarees from West Bengal or popularly known as Bengali Sarees are very popular throughout India and are worn with great gusto. The climate of West Bengal is known to be hot and humid and thus the sarees too are made up of materials that provide comfort to the wearer. The most popular has to be the Tanta Sarees that are actually Bengali Cotton Sarees. Sarees worn by Bengalis are known for vibrancy in color and design. Tant Sarees Bengali Cotton Sarees are commonly called Tant sarees. In early days they used to be hand woven but now majority of them are machine woven. They are fabricated in bright colors with attractive borders. Daccai Jamdani They are actually of Bangladeshi origin and the name originates from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. The weavers in Bangladeshi use exquisite Egyptian cotton and are very famous in West Bengal as well as rest of India. These Traditional Sarees are hand woven and sometimes might require one complete year for completion. Baluchari This place is located in Bankura district and the sarees woven here are quite popular in the Indian Saree market as the famous Baluchari Sarees from Bishnupur, Bankura. The fabric of the sari is studded with small butis and a beautiful floral design while the anchal or pallu comes with the main decoration. Some of the other popular Sarees are The Korial, The Garad, Pashmina silk sari, Pure Silk sari with Zardosi Work, Banaroshi Sari that are also popular for celebrating festivals in a traditional way. Different attractive designs and patterns include Handloom Sarees , Jamdani Design On Fringe, Mulberry Silk Saree With Red Fringe Of Maslin, Cotton Saree with Handcrafted design, Cotton Saree with Red Tasar Silk fringe, Turquoise Cotton Saree With Jamdani design on Tasar Silk Fringe. M/S Somenath Dey is a renowned Exporter of a wide range of Knitted Garments like Baby Garments, T-Shirt, Vests, Knitted Capri for Girls and Handloom Products like Dress Materials, Towel, Sarees, Stoles, etc. The superior quality fabrics like Handloom Cotton Sarees and Handloom Silk Sarees & Linen Sarees offered by the company are woven by skilled weavers who are deft in their traditional profession for generations. For more information regarding the company, one can log on to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: