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UnCategorized Times are tough and everyone is doing what they can to get by, and the same goes for businesses. Just like you and me, local businesses are trying to stay afloat and keep their heads above water, and website design services are usually on the chopping block. While it might be appealing to go with a cheap freelancer or an independent contractor, most of the time, they just are not worth the frustration and headache involved and cannot deliver the quality website that your .pany deserves. There is an old saying that I am pretty sure everyone has heard before – "You get what you pay for". Truer words have not been spoken. When your .pany goes to a freelancer for web design or website maintenance, you are taking a big risk. They may be cheap and their expenses fit nicely into your bottom line, but when working with the little guys, you need to be prepared for the headaches and frustrations of low quality work. On the other hand, there is really no room to .plain for not getting something you did not pay for in the first place. If you are looking for an affordable website design, than your best bet is to look locally for a small web design firm and not someone working from home or a shared office space. There are three aspects that this web design .pany should have: 1) Be more than two people – It is important that the web design .pany be made up of more than two people to ensure that you receive a quality design for your site. Not only will the design be better, but also with more minds working on the project, it is more likely to be .pletely quicker and with less need for revisions or maintenance. 2) Office locations are necessary – Any .pany that is worth doing business with will have at least one retail location that you can visit and setup meetings at. Just having an office is not enough, though, so take a look at the location. Try to find someone in a higher traffic area as it says a lot about the success of the design .pany itself. 3) Knowledge, experience, and personality – Assuming you have found a .pany that fits the above two points, this one should be a given. If the people within the design firm do not have close to 20 years of .bined experience, than do not bother wasting your time. The big dogs have been in the game for years and know what they are doing and what it takes to get things done right the first time. Freelancers and private contractors will bring you headache and frustration. It is not .pletely their fault, as they are not charging for top quality design or expertise, but for what they know how to do. Hiring a freelancer and expecting to get the service provided by a quality .pany with a large web design portfolio is a recipe for wasted time and money. Do you and your .pany a favor and just go with the right people for the job the first time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: