Australian super intelligence Sydney FC four league matches unbeaten and a ball lost

Australian super intelligence: Sydney FC four league matches unbeaten and a ball lost Saturday 006             Macao; Sydney; FCVS     Melbourne victory;   2016-11-05; 16:50         team status: Sydney FC is the season of the A-League’s the perfect start team, on the weekend they 2:0 away win over Newcastle jets after four league matches not only unbeaten, but the ball was lost, the remarkable outstanding performance. Lineup team is to maintain the main battle, which is an important factor in the team can achieve good results. Is this game starting lineup: Vukovic Karni Wilkinson Sue Lo Ullman Grant Brillante ONeil Hollos Corning’s suppression is Melbourne victory in the FA Cup after being out of the city to take Wellington city rivals Melbourne Phoenix surgery, Berisa hat trick, she scored two, plus Austen in stoppage time the icing on the cake, eventually Melbourne victory home court 6:1 rout of the phoenix. But the team added one of the wounded, Giorgio Jef J Ki will be absent because of injury of clavicle for a month. Is this game starting lineup: Thomas Barrow Ann Sergiu Llido Na Ziebenharfaraposanichiaustin Broackes Ham Rojas Berry Sa Venue: the game will be held in Sydney FC home court Allianz stadium, is expected to match day temperature of 21 degrees, the weather is sunny. The history of the two sides clash record: last season’s Australian Super League, Melbourne victory against Sydney FC2 win 1 flat, occupy the upper hand. Recommendation: let the ball to win even negative negative @1.84 although the Sydney FC is the best season Australian Super League team, but they are most afraid of Melbourne victory opponents, both the last 9 games in the A-League match, Melbourne victory against Sydney FC4 wins 5 flat unbeaten, little psychological advantage is. The Gambling company of the game hemisphere low water opening, although the Sydney FC start well, but the team did not give up Melbourne victory so deep dish of reason, the game has some heat on suspicion, little change in water level by injection, coupled with Melbourne’s huge psychological advantage, considering the game unbeaten. (AHA)相关的主题文章: