Arrogant man made the parking lot police investigation found that actually drunk driving – Hu

"Arrogant" man’s parking lot   the police investigation found that it was a drunken driving – Hubei Channel – was huangmou bent railings Jianshi on 30 September, the "casual" man Jiuzhuo ballroom lianzhouzhuan, but for a few dollars parking fees second "arrogant" male, female, not only insulted the toll booth destroyed outside the railing, police threatened to "go to deal with, I don’t want to be" video surveillance clearly record the whole process of drunk driving. September 29th, Hubei, Jianshi Province Public Security Bureau was transferred to a suspected dangerous driving suspects. In late September 12th 23 PM, Jianshi County Public Security Bureau of the city police station received a public warning, said the industry Zhou Zhen Xue Yuan Lu street parking trouble. Police rushed to the scene to investigate. The scene that the parties Hwang in Hubei Q0XXXX grey Peugeot cars driving out of the parking lot, parking lot too too expensive, and in the field of oral argument occurred in charge of female staff, Huang angry, actually out of the cab, with both hands bar rod bending at the exit, to be forced to leave. Several staff members rushed to stop, then in the parking lot at the yellow, his two accomplices also came to help out help choking. The police in the investigation found that Hwang covered in alcohol, mental excitement, and slurred speech, on suspicion of drunk driving. Due to the incident personnel intensive, large traffic flow, in order to avoid further expansion of the situation, as soon as possible to restore the order of the parking lot, the police at the scene after the investigation, the two sides will soon be taken to the city police station for investigation. The investigation, Huang in the afternoon with friends drinking after dinner, went to a nearby parking field in drinking entertainment KTV. Until 23 pm the same day, Huang Moucai came to the parking lot ready to drive away. When Hwang drove to the exit, the staff was asked to pay the corresponding parking costs, Hwang’s wine crazy attack. The face of police interrogation, Hwang extremely bad attitude, refused to admit the abuse of others, damage the parking lot and facilities such as drinking and driving behavior, the police threatened to "go to my right, you should be responsible for my affairs, in an attempt to combat the public security organs to evade treatment. Because of the suspicion of drunk driving, the police seized near the scene of the video and fixed the relevant evidence, and alcohol testing, results showed that his blood alcohol content was 180.2mg 100ml. The inspection and identification, alcohol content in blood for Huang 170.8mg 100ml, belongs to the category of dangerous driving. Currently, Hwang suspicion of dangerous driving crime has been transferred to the Jianshi County People’s Procuratorate prosecution. (Ceng Zhiqiang Shu Hao) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: