Amazon Kindle Fire Hd 7

.puters-and-Technology I received my kindle fire. I had a hard time deciding between the HD, this, and the paperwhite. I decided on this one, because I really thought I’d like the immersion reading. I have an audible account and I’ve been reading along to the audiobooks. It’s amazing how fast I can get through the books (at 3x speed) and I really retain the info. The immersion reading is super-easy to use and definitely worth upgrading to this. The whole point of the kindle is to read more, and this new feature makes it possible to read 2 or 3 times as many books in the same amount of time. I’m an average-speed reader and was able to read 4 books (with the help of the audiobook reading pace) in the last 30 days and one was the 800+ page Stephen king, "11/22/63". I also tested out the text to speech. It’s a lady’s voice and much, much, easier to understand than the text to speech on my kindle keyboard. It also has many speed options and I think it reads faster than my kindle keyboard version. I am very, very pleased with it. It is much more responsive than the previous kindle fire I’m upgrading from. If you are worried about the free offers, don’t be. I DETEST .mercials and advertising so much, I quit reading magazines and watching television. My favorite feature is the immersion reading and the text-to-speech improvements. I also downloaded all the free kindle books with the free audiobooks for the immersion experience. These are books I always wanted to read,but never had the discipline to just read them. Reading and listening to those books are worth the price of this new gadget, IMO. Way to go, Amazon, for a great product and a great price! I have an iPad, and the last time I went on vacation, I left it at home and brought only my fire and kindle keyboard. I didn’t miss my iPad at all and this new gen fire is even better. Seriously, it’s that good. So i highly give a thumbs up to this device and rec.end it to all. The only other device that .es close (the ipad of course) costs more than twice as much and definitely has some great features but I could not justify paying that much more for them. Yes , the retina display feature is slightly better than HD but unless you need it for your work as a graohic artist or movie maker, which I am neither, I could not justify it in my head. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: