Adam Hirschfeld Oil And Gas Industry

Adam Hirschfeld has extensive experience of working in the oil and gas industry. He has worked in the field with dedication and displayed his capacity for hard work on various projects. Adam started in the field from the position of management as he acquired production assets and improved upon those assets with a team of professionals. After starting from a managerial position, he went on to be.e an owner and on the way, he learned about the business from the ground up. His broad understanding of the oil and gas industry included all facets of the business from day to day operations and regulatory .pliance as well as acquisition/divestiture. Being a determined professional, Adam Hirschfeld is able to handle challenges while keeping his head cool. His decision making abilities have profited his employers as he has the ability to observe any problem with a unique point of view and find the appropriate solution for it. He is a quick thinker and he can .municate very well with his peers as well as his teams in the field. He knows the harsh realities that team members in the field have to face and he has also faced the difficult business decisions taken in corporate meeting rooms. His experience in the corporate environment as well as in the field makes him a valuable addition to any team of professionals. Adam Hirschfeld has more than six years of experience in oil and gas acquisition, leasing well operating and well construction. He has worked on projects involving both down hole and surface well construction. He is experienced in prospecting and location oil and gas producing assets and developmental drilling location. He was also managing partner in multiple oil and gas limited partnerships. In the past, he also managed his own bonded oil and gas operating .pany. He has knowledge of technical terminology in oil and gas operating. He is a resourceful and creative person who has displayed integrity and determination in all the jobs he has handled in the oil and gas industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: