94 war veterans meet in Nanjing to meet each year not absent minmi

94 war veterans in Nanjing every year to meet together ", a bristle, absence of rain. Eyes blazing mt.huandshan, zhuanghuai fierce……" When Yue Fei "Azolla" from the more than and 90 year old veteran of the war in the mouth to sing out, although the war has gone, but the feelings of rippling heart. Yesterday, the 2016 war veterans Jiangsu Chongyang party jointly organized the Nanjing war veterans care volunteer alliance and the modern express. A total of 94 veterans attended the party, to refresh the highest record in 4 years. The youngest of them was 88 years old, the oldest of the age of 101, the average age of the age of 96. Laozhanyou, sing songs, recalling the past, read his comrades, and meet: if every year there are at present, will not miss every year. Modern Express reporter Yu Yuehua Li Na at ZAKER Nanjing Jinfeng Yi and to look for new partners in more than and 10 war veterans annual Chongyang party this year, is an annual Party war veterans. This year, the Nanjing war veterans care volunteer alliance and find more than and 10 war veterans. Yesterday, 7 of them were invited to the scene, namely Le Dazheng, Yuan Chang, and so on, and so on, and so on, and he was also the first time. He was the first one, namely, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, namely. This year the Chongyang party a famous war the son of Zhang Zi-zhong Zhang Jizu, the widow of Zhang Lingfu Wang Yuling, son of Zhang Daoyu, China Germ Warfare Victims litigation plaintiff Wang Xuan regiment, the Anti Japanese War Nanjing Normal University Research Center Professor Zhang Lianhong, Xinhua News Agency reporter Tang Shiceng photography, to the party scene. After the party officially began, the first item on the agenda was to wear a medal for 7 veterans. 7 veterans were invited to the front desk, Zhang Jizu, Zhang Daoyu, Wang Xuan and other guests for their medals to wear the 7. "Thank the veterans, for today’s peace comes from their sacrifice. The war we lost the most valiant warriors, but their history forever, the people will not forget them." At the same time, Wang Xuan thanked the volunteers, she said, is the volunteers will be veterans to the front desk, their efforts to let us see history. Old comrades in the field to find his comrades, contact each other, I would like to take good physical exercise, go to Nanjing to see his comrades." Veteran Zhou Shigui from Zhejiang, Fenghua, born in 1927. A few months ago, he was very happy when he got the news that he would come to Nanjing. Zhou Shigui is China youth expeditionary army 208 division 622 regiment veterans, volunteers in the matchmaking, he wish to see the two comrades. "Du Hesheng and I are a battalion in Zhejiang, Zhuji, as well as a veteran of Zhejiang, the 208 division, but only a group of 623." Comrades, very happy, Zhou Shigui off the reel talk his army history. In 1944, Zhou Shigui is reading high, then Chinese, land occupied, The people are destitute. In response to the call of the government, he joined the Chinese youth expeditionary force. "In 1945, I was preparing to meet in Jiangxi, Lichuan, heard the sound of firecrackers at night, only to know the victory of the war." Find two comrades, let Zhou Shigui more miss the deceased comrades. He told Modern Express reporter, Nanjing people are very veterans"相关的主题文章: