90 after the guy change for buy Shuangseqiu lottery 5 million 60 thousand insurance will be torn up alienware m17x

90 after the guy change for buy Shuangseqiu lottery lottery 5 million 60 thousand insurance will tear up when we are immersed in the double eleven shopping, Shuangseqiu put a big move, blowout 37 note first prize! To the 20 provincial lottery sent the real gift. The evening of November 10th, China welfare lottery Shuangseqiu 2016132nd lottery game, this is 2016 Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan awards after starting ninth faction award. The current out of the red 05, 08, 13, 19, 27, 28, 07. The double chromosphere out of 37 note first prize, since the 900 million yuan for the first time sent first prize blowout Shuangseqiu since launching; 21 note for non multiple bets, not to participate in the awards, single note bonus of 5 million 60 thousand yuan, a 90 guy in Kunming city Yunnan won one note, from the Kunming City Economic Development Zone Allah Township small stone village hall opposite the No. 53011757 betting station. The afternoon of November 11th, the Yunnan Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Duijiang room came the two young men, one of the guys took out a lottery ticket, ask the staff how to handle the cashing procedures, the staff took a look at his lottery, he is the winner of the first prize last night, Mr. Zheng (a pseudonym). Mr. Zheng is a 90, he rarely buy lottery tickets, and even a lot of play do not know, only know 2 yuan to buy a single vote shuangseqiu. He asked: "half believe and half doubt I win the game, it can receive 5 million 60 thousand bonus?" The staff carefully for him to answer his questions, he sighed: "before coming here, I can’t believe I won the lottery, my parents do not believe, because I haven’t bought a lottery ticket, yesterday was accidentally, I told my friend to go home by bus, but just buy change and we will use 10 yuan to buy 3 note lottery lottery shop, spent 6 yuan, with 4 yuan, two people on the bus just enough." The good luck of Mr. Zheng, make all staff on the scene are the envy of the change, the bus can transfer to first prize. Mr. Cheng said that he is not selected, the 3 note number of machine is selected, in the evening to go home, and friends have been chatting late into the night, took out his ticket to see if there is no point in winning, just because of the slow speed, the number of lottery failed to refresh it, Mr. Zheng looked at the number. Tell a friend not winning, just want to tear the lottery, friends quickly took to stop him, told him that it is on a number, and help him to refresh the page, the result two people dumbfounded, even to buy their own one note number as like as two peas. Two people excited not slept all night, day Mr. Zheng told their parents, they do not believe that Mr. Zheng about his friends rushed to the Provincial Welfare Centre award, is to prove it is real, not dreaming! Such luck really is the day if you not occur even in a hundred years, feel luck bursting, may wish to buy a few note lottery try, maybe there will be unexpected harvest. (Yunnan lottery)相关的主题文章: