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Civil servants: interpersonal burden or 80 North drift into hope to join the reform – Sohu read "North drift" is a siege, people want to go out, there are people who want to come. As the political center of Beijing Chinese, hopes to join the career, hope for social justice and stability of youth in the minority, that every year from the civil service exam can be hot. In Beijing after 80 civil servants are in what kind of state of life? Whether they like anecdotal biography, "system" alienation? Whether in a cup of tea, a newspaper one day sitting idle work? "Chinese style struggle" according to " Beijing youth 1% sample survey " report data show the true face of this group. Beijing 80 civil servants living state "exposure": the pressure is great but the more pursuit of development in people’s minds, the welfare of civil servants, working free, small pressure. But a recent survey of the exposure of the civil servants in Beijing after the true state of mind: a high sense of professional identity; survival pressure is large, but the development is a greater pursuit; 90% young civil servants eager to join the reform. "Welfare" good "and" leisure "and" low pressure "is a few years ago the social group to civil servants and considerate label. In recent years, there have been various Tucao, said "low income" and "pressure", "strength", some people even willing to pay by card "single exposure innocence"." This seems to be many civil servants confusion, social media comments on the huge difference, even Rainbow Night, but at the same time, the civil service exam Redubujian, in recent years, the number of candidates still hit a new high. So, civil servants, especially young civil servants in what kind of life and occupation status? What kind of group mentality? What are their vision for the future? The beginning of 2015, the real situation of the development of civil servants in Beijing 80 survey released. This is the Beijing municipal Party committee joint task force through a questionnaire survey and face-to-face interviews, the city’s 80 civil servants after an in-depth investigation. A total of 2417 questionnaires were issued, the recovery of 2327 copies. According to the overall structure of the object of the survey identified by the city, county and township levels, including Party committees, governments, courts and other types of Procuratorate organs, comprehensive management, administrative law enforcement and other positions. In addition, the research group of 200 public institutions in Beijing city youth workers (of which 150 civil servants, business unit staff of 50 people) carried out face-to-face interviews. Occupation identity, "turnover" is just a kind of complaint in 2008 from a university overseas graduates to an enterprise of Beijing work units to implement the Beijing hukou, 3 years ago, in Beijing City, the civil service exam to enter the civil service. This is an anonymous judicial system of young civil servants career. Because the undergraduate profession is the law, to the senior, the students have 80% ~ 90% of the civil service exam, his family has a total of 6 people who are civil servants, so the goal is relatively clear." The young man felt that he had a basic understanding of the civil service industry before he entered the office. He is now doing the work and the study of professional counterparts, plus work experience, so in thinking.相关的主题文章: