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Business In todays .petitive global market, JD Edwards hosting solutions allow .panies to bring down costs and boost efficiencies. By outsourcing their JD Edwards applications, IT staff can shift focus from daily maintenance tasks to pursuing more strategic projects. Hosting a JD Edwards system in-house means your IT department will have to devote much of its time to buying hardware, installing and upgrading software, supporting end users and performing day-to-day application maintenance. These tasks will eat up IT staff time and leave no room for other projects unless you hire more staff. Plus, you risk having your IT team fall behind on technology trends and changes. Therefore, IT departments must address how they will support a .plex JD Edwards environment and also manage strategic projects. At the same time, a business needs to constantly find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. How does a business balance all these things? JD Edwards hosting provides a solution to this dilemma. Instead of trying to perfect a balancing act, your IT team can outsource daily management of your JD Edwards applications. The IT department can then focus efforts on contributing to the .panys strategic goals. A qualified JD Edwards hosting .pany will be focused solely on managing your application environment. This focus allows them to deliver higher services levels than what can be provided in-house. This superior service is then coupled with lower, predictable costs. By hiring a JD Edwards hosting service provider, .panies realize numerous business-enhancing benefits: Performance. Experienced outsourcing .panies have designed their data centers for maximum performance. Designed for remote user access, an advanced data center will have connectivity, scalability and reliability at levels a typical business would not be able to achieve internally. Expertise. Because JD Edwards hosting is its business, an outsourcing .pany hires only the most skilled and experienced technical professionals. This highly qualified staff continually monitors hardware and software functionality on your behalf. Availability. With exceptional qualifications, a proven JD Edwards hosting .pany can guarantee levels of system availability you most likely could not achieve in-house. In addition, a service provider offers .prehensive disaster recovery plans to ensure continual availability of your JD Edwards environment. Data Center. A well qualified service providers data center will be constructed with optimum environmental systems. Because its their business, IT outsourcing .panies design their data centers to manage cooling, power, fire protection and more better than a business can generally do in-house. In addition, a JD Edwards hosting service provider will house the most powerful .puting systems within its data center. High performance hardware and software that are configured in the most efficient way is available to your business without having to make the capital investment. Security. A JD Edwards hosting provider will devote tremendous resources to security enhancements. From physical security, firewalls, network connectivity, user access control and more, an experienced outsourcing .pany will have the most advanced security measures in place. Monitoring. When contracting with a reputable service provider, your business will be guaranteed, through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), 24/7/365 monitoring of your JD Edwards environment for continuous availability. Costs. As mentioned earlier, engaging a JD Edwards hosting provider will lower your costs when you partner with the right service provider. You eliminate the cost of hiring and training IT staff, as well as making investments in hardware and software. Plus, improved efficiencies result in real cost savings. Outsourcing your JD Edwards environment makes good business sense for a number of reasons. The next step in the process is to hire the most qualified JD Edwards hosting service provider you can find. Moving to an outsourcing model with the right partner will likely prove to be one of the best decisions a business can make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: