Aggressive Cash Gifting Lead Generation Techniques On Ning Networks – 5 Simple Tips-爱多vcd

Home-Based-Business Ignoring ning sites to generate cash gifting leads? Have your head examined. Ning networks rank as high as any home business sites on earth. Google it. Do a few searches. See? Google loves ning networks, believe it or not. I generate leads through ning daily by following simple steps. Really easy. Benefits: you can be a Big Dawg, dominating the network. Few use ning properly. Stick out like a sore thumb easily, generate a ton of leads. Dominate search engines. Rake in passive income. Spend more time away from the computer. Make cash purchases. Need I continue? Yeah, mega benefits. 1 – Ning Cash Gifting Leads 1 – Stay in the Stream Hit ning networks up with cash gifting content every 5 to 10 minutes. Takes 5 seconds to cut and paste old posts or text updates. Be present. Maintain an active presence. Stick out. Stay in the stream. Be today’s news. Program people to respond to your call to action. 2 – Start Discussions Start intriguing discussions. Discussions show up prominently on all ning networks. Ask a question. Engage. Establish authority. Become an expert. Leads flock to you, fast, if you simply start 2 to 3 discussions a day. Free advertising, and it takes a few minutes of your time. Do it. 3 – Add Value Updates need to be value-packed. Helpful, problem solving blog posts, articles, videos. Either yours – preferably – or from other folks in your niche. Add value become valuable. You REALLY stick out by adding value because most use ning as a sounding board, repelling leads with weak pitches. 4 – About Me? Yeah this page still exists, ya know. It’s just that so many home business dolts ignore it. Pen a detailed, open About Me page. Attraction marketing 101. Let people get to know you, to build connections, to see commonalities, and leads sprint to opt-in, get on your list, and join your team. 5 – No Spamming Absolutely no spamming. Sending unsolicited pitches buries your reputation, makes your rep go down the crapper. Add value at every turn. Position yourself. Trying to get before you give? Look out. You only attract bottom feeders, with no money, if you use spamming tactics. Pull back. Add value become valuable. Cash Gifting Leads on Ning – Summary Stay in the stream. Be present, expand your presence to stick out. Start discussions. Gain prominence on networks, establish authority. Add value at every turn to become valuble and pen a comprehensive About Me page. Attract like-minded people. Cut out bullcrap spamming for good to begin generating cash gifting leads by the boatload on ning networks. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: