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Automobiles The Tata indigo car is basically a sedan that looks pretty much like its sibling the Tata Indica. The car has good build quality and is very .fortable to drive in. Especially for passengers sitting in the rear seat, the main objective that Tata had while designing this car was to, manufacture a sedan that does not cost much but at the same time provides the customer a good and .fortable drive. The Tata Indigo was made for Indian roads and it is doing its job well. A lot of people have trusted Tata to build good quality cars that are suitable for Indian roads and Tata is doing just that. The Tata Indigo is a perfect car that offers a very .fortable ride. This could possibly be the reason why a lot of people have purchased the Tata Indigo. Not only that, Tata keeps upgrading the Tata indigo with newer feature so as to keep up with the .petition. The Tata indigo car has very spacious interiors and probably has the most spacious interiors .pared to the .petition. The interiors are also well designed and consists a prominent instrument cluster that consists of a speedometer, fuel gauge and a tachometer. It also has all the necessary warning lights. The Tata indigo car has a pretty well designed dashboard with cup holders present in it. The dash board also contains an electric socket which can be used to plug in auxiliary equipment. The color of the dash board is beige and goes really well with the interiors of the car. The Tata indigo car is available in five different models, they are: 1.Tata Indigo GLS (Petrol) 2.Tata Indigo GLX (Petrol) 3.Tata Indigo LS (TDI) 4.Tata Indigo LX (TDI) 5.Tata Indigo LS (Dicor) The price of the Tata indigo car varies as per model. The approximate prices of these cars range from Rs 4,80,000 to Rs 5,55,000. Both the petrol and diesel variants have a 1.4 liter engine that delivers a decent amount of power and good mileage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: