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PPC-Advertising The stories are all true. Pay per click marketing can yield incredible profits with a minimal amount of effort in a very short amount of time. It can be the golden feather in the cap of any advertising campaign. What no one ever tells you, however, is that every successful pay per click marketing campaign is the result of a crafty mind and hundreds of hours of manpower. For a ppc to be a success, the advertiser needs to first choose a search engine to associate with. Of course Google and Yahoo do the most business quantity wise, but they are not the only game in town. Research done by Pay Per Click Universe showed these results for the Top 10 ppc advertising programs. 1.Google 2.Yahoo! 3.ABC Search 4.Search Feed 5.7 Search 6.MIVA 7.Enhance Interactive 8.Findology 9.Microsoft adCenter 10.Ask.. These resources will be thoroughly used by the smart marketer. He will test to see which of them can bring the most to your business. The next step on the path to pay per click success is the selection of the proper keywords. A good keyword should be one that is general without being too general; it should not require a college degree to think of but not be so non-specific that it will lead to an absurdly high number of false leads. Many search engines make available a database that contains the most popular keywords that are used in the latest searches. You want to think of these as the beginning of your list not the whole list. Too many of the popular keyword phrases are just too generic to get a good quantity of quality leads. Once you have selected your keywords you need to decide how much you will bid for those keywords. Search engines display their ppc advertisements based on how much the ads maker will pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. Hey, they want to make money also. The ads at the top of the list are the ones with the greatest bids therefore they have the top listing. The advantage to this is that they will be seen first. The significance of this is that most searchers are not going to scroll through dozens of pages to get what they want; when they don’t find it in 5 or 10 they will most likely it. It is impossible to micromanage your pay-per-click advertising campaign. It is crucial that an advertiser knows what kind of business their ads are attracting. That will let them refocus their campaign if the ads in place seem to be ineffectual. Small changes may then be effected to fix small discrepancies and not wait for a total disaster to strike. When diligence in management and research are applied you can make hundreds of dollars in pay-per-click advertising; still this is a trial and error venture. Discouragement can be avoided by remembering that you won’t likely see large amounts of money showing up in your bottom line right after you set up your campaigns. Remember: Patience is a virtue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: