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Arts-and-Entertainment With the premiere of the Twilight movie, Eclipse fans will find new reason to celebrate their Twilight fan craze. One way will be by buying Twilight merchandise and party favors. The merchandise will serve as great gifts or personal purchases while party favors will be great gifts to give out at release parties and other Twilight themed events. In both cases if the thought behind the gift is what counts these are gifts that will be near and dear to the hearts of Twilight fans. Twilight merchandise is expanding more and more with each Twilight movie that .es to theaters. Before it was simply Twilight themed candy, notebooks, and stationary, now major department stores are catching Twilight fever selling clothing lines inspired by the series as well as even bed linens. The bed linens really get me because while the standard bedsat with the Twilight logo and images is out there, they are actually selling a bed set modeled after the purple one in Bella’s room. Merchandising now days is not as glaring as it used to be. It is now more nuanced and sophisticated. Major store chains are not the only ones getting creative with their Twilight merchandise. Fans are also entrepreneurs and selling their own unique Twilight creations. This is allowing fans to share and make a profit from their own creative talents concerning the Twilight saga. If you want Twilight gear that is truly rare and original you should definitely check them out. Another interesting trend is the amount of detail involved in the Merchandise. Only true fans would know every little detail of the novels and know how to make great items based on them. One example is the Lion and Lamb line of products being sold. This is based on the famous quote in the first Twilight book where Edward says "So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb. Bella replies "What a stupid Lamb" and Edward says back, "What a sick sadistic Lion." This type of Twilight merchandise is popular spawning bookmarks, cake and candy molds, and clothing. It is still very much Twilight but zeroes in on the specifics only fans can truly get excited about. Twilight party supplies are now grander than ever as fans now look for items that build on the sophisticated look of parties in the Twilight novels as well as the actual author sponsored fan proms and other parties. Now you don’t just talk about traditional streamers and balloons, you now talk about table cloths and even center pieces. There are even cake toppers with scenes and images from the movies. If you are giving out Twilight gifts or party favors you now have to make sure if the recipient is a Jacob or Edward fan. Even though everyone knows who Bella will pick in the end it doesn’t stop what is called "shippers" from rooting for who they would prefer Bella to choose as her true love. To promote this there are now items just for Edward and just for Jacob. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: