The woman at home in the evening bath suddenly encountered a man with a knife broke into (video)-mine_清翼

Long knife bath at home suddenly a man woman broke into the night following the detection of 2016.9.9 knock on the head robbery ", Yangzhou and Baoying police quickly uncovered knife burglary cases, the incidence of the detection of only 24 hours. In late September 21, 2016 8 o’clock, Zhang girl (a pseudonym) riding electric cars home from the city, from home to live in the suburbs, the home has nearly 9 points, after dinner went to a shower in the room. Who knows showered and dressed, just come to the door, the door opened half, they see a man wearing masks into the bathroom, Zhang girl was frightened in the mouth, began to cry. The man looked at the girl’s mouth quickly, and took out the fruit knife to threaten the money. Fortunately, Xiao Zhang’s parents heard quickly after they heard the news, and a family of three started fighting with the gangsters and ran the gangsters. In the struggle, Zhang’s hand was scratched, and Xiao Zhang’s mother’s leg was scratched. Xiao Zhang’s father hastened to call the police. After the alarm, Baoying police immediately launched an investigation, continuous fighting, round the clock, overcome difficulties, to quickly determine the identity of the suspect as Ryu (male, 40 years old, Anhui people), was convicted of robbery and sentenced to a year, has just been released, is currently working in a factory in Baoying county. Because of the identity of the suspect, deputy magistrate, county public security bureau party secretary, comrade Xia Zhongping personally directed the deployment of arresting work in 9 22 April at 8 o’clock in the suspect Liu dormitory to arrest. After the interrogation, the suspect Liu confessed that it was released from prison after being introduced to our county enterprise work, due to the decoration of the house to talk about marriage, they suffer from a lack of money, they want to do business, riding in the area along the highway and the station around, waiting for the single carrying bag robbed. After meeting Xiao Zhang girl, all the way trailing, think Xiao Zhang girl only mother and daughter two people, more daring, the implementation of the robbery. The wages of sin is death., Liu will continue his prison. The video has nothing to do with the original, Shanghai white collar lost 30 hours was robbed, was close to brain death

女子晚上在家洗澡 突遇一男子持刀闯入 继侦破“2016.9.9敲头抢劫案”后不久,扬州宝应刑警又快速破获一起持刀入室抢劫案件,从发案到破案仅24小时。2016年9月21日晚8点多钟,小张姑娘(化名)骑电动车从市区下班回家,因家住郊区,到家已近9点,吃过晚饭便去位于厢房的洗澡间洗澡。谁知洗完澡穿好衣服,刚想出门口,门才打开一半,便见一戴口罩的男子冲进洗澡间,小张姑娘当时就被吓倒在地,嘴里开始喊叫。男子见状连忙捂住小张姑娘的嘴,并拿出水果刀威胁要钱。好在小张姑娘的父母在家中听见动静后迅速赶来,一家三口与歹徒展开了搏斗,把歹徒给打跑。搏斗中小张姑娘的手被划伤,小张妈妈的腿被划伤。小张姑娘的父亲连忙报警。接警后,宝应刑警立即开展侦查工作,连续作战,夜以继日,攻坚克难,迅速明确了犯罪嫌疑人身份为刘某(男,40岁,安徽人),曾因抢劫被判死缓,今年刚被释放,目前在宝应县一工厂打工。因嫌犯身份特殊,副县长、县公安局党委书记、局长夏忠平同志亲自指挥部署抓捕工作,于9月22日晚8点多钟在犯罪嫌疑人刘某的宿舍将其抓捕归案。经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人刘某交待,其从监狱释放后,经人介绍到我县一企业打工,因急于装修房子谈对象结婚,又苦于缺钱,便又想干老本行,骑车在车站及公路沿线一带转悠,伺机寻找单身携带包的人抢劫。遇见小张姑娘后,一路尾随,以为小张姑娘家中仅有母女两人,愈发胆大,实施了抢劫。多行不义必自毙,刘某仍将继续他的牢狱生涯。该视频与原文无关 上海一女白领失联30小时遭抢劫 被勒濒临脑死亡相关的主题文章: