Zhang Chengdong is to disrupt morale influence country security team for the best place side by side-beef怎么读�

Zhang Chengdong: there are people who disrupt morale influence country security team for the best result alongside general Zhang Chengdong Guoan sina sports news in September 21st, Beijing Guoan will usher in a super league game, home court against Yanbian Fude team. The game should have been in July 20th, but because of the heavy rain had to postpone. After a lapse of two months, the Yanbian Team Guoan second times in Beijing, also hope to be able to win the opponent in the home court. The recent comeback Zhang Chengdong attended the conference before the war, Zhang Chengdong in the last few games are the starting lineup, the performance is quite good, can see Zhang Chengdong on the sidelines during training not only physical state, also adjusted quite well. Talking about the game with the Yanbian team, Zhang Chengdong said: the last game we did not win Yongchang, we all feel very sorry, recently the team is more tired of the game, is currently actively recovering. Yanbian’s response characteristics, overall is very good, but we strive to play spirit, to win the game. It is worth mentioning that, in the past two days suddenly there may be other players on the National Club when news, for these rumors, Zhang Chengdong said: because our team has a good state, some teams to disrupt our morale. In this case, I believe that the club will face up to us and we have always been tied together, and all of our players and the coach will face the game together. In a good state, in the closing stages, in order to get a good ranking. (Song Ci)相关的主题文章: