58 famous parents parents reading classroom tutoring kasey chase

The parent class: parents read 58 words, not for the 1 home win in the starting, to beat the whole. 2, start winning is not necessarily the whole win, the beginning of the loss is not necessarily the final loss. 3, successful children do not worry, worry about the child is difficult to succeed. 4, small tree pruning good natural long, children learn from good. 5, at the beginning of the people, this clone, how to change, depending on the environment. 6, at the beginning of the people, like white paper, contaminated, unable to wash. 7, parents are children’s mirror, the child is the shadow of parents. 8, den growth is the wolf cub, pigsties grew into piglet. 9, poor product quality problems in the factory, not the root cause of the success of the child parents. 10, the home is the first school is always the school, the parents are the first teachers and lifelong teachers. 11, the parents of the child’s big consultant, the child is a teacher of parents. 12, do not teach bad children, only the parents will not teach. 13, don’t blame the children learn bad, only blame yourself will not teach. 14, there is no light, there are no advantages and disadvantages of the child, there are only looking for shortcomings do not find the merits of parents. 15, return to nature, improper parents do parents, update ideas, promote democracy and make friends. 16, spoiled child is not successful, a lack of filial piety. 17, do not spoil love, do not let go. 18, the children not to call the shots, he would dare to let the child decide, as timid as a mouse, he boldly forward. 19, there is interest in learning is not interested in learning, enjoyment, like torture. 20, there is interest, not to learn steals to learn, no interest, forced him to learn weariness. 21 good habits, such as a stepping stone to help you ascend; bad habits like a stumbling block, let you fall. 22, hold on, never go, rely on counseling, not immediately. 23, to let the children play, but also to the children happy, teach children to work hard, do not let the child suffering. 24, do not let the child to do the material life of the little emperor, the spiritual life of small slaves. 25, the pursuit of higher scores in the final examination usually, but not high, usually only learn well, and ultimately to do well. 26, the premise of understanding of education, understanding of the premise is to understand, understand the premise of communication, communication is the premise of respect. 27, congenital genetic influence IQ, acquired education determines success or failure. 28, IQ affect performance, emotional quotient success. 29. Good personality is better than superior intelligence. 30. Rich imagination is more important than book knowledge. 31, talent like natural flowers and trees, to trim. 32, for children, life is a school, every tree and bush can become the object of research, exploration. 33, in the child’s world, all things like people, are thinking, emotional. 34, if their education is too slow and lag, will destroy the normal mental development of children. 35, in any industry, the first step to success is to have an interest in it. 36, education must be psychologically explored;相关的主题文章: