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With more music and Yellow Wine in Shaoxing – Shaoxing tourism Sohu is a literary giant Lu Xun’s hometown; also Lu You and Tang Wan love Shen garden; Ke Yan Fan Ye into the original or shooting Wu Zetian place; kurahashi ancient style straight street historic district; stroll in fenqiangdaiwa the hometown of St. Wang Xizhi; Dongpu Village is a picturesque village. Shaoxing worthy of your heart taste, and of course the most concern is the MIDI Music Festival and the twenty-second Yellow Wine Festival here staged colorful! The first chapter [] Yellow Wine Festival: the beginning of winter season, open wine Yellow Wine today is the winter season, come to Chinese Yellow Wine township of Shaoxing, to see the grand scene of Shaoxing Yellow Wine open wine. I read the funeral oration, Dionysus, God of dance, libations for meters fermentation…… The Yellow Wine Festival not only presents the authentic Shaoxing winemaker wine traditional worship ceremony, opening ceremony of brewing, but also increased the creative Yellow Wine promotion plan, attracted a lot of attention of young people, love the Chinese Yellow Wine culture. Since ancient times, the world’s rice wine source Shaoxing, Shaoxing wine brewing technology in 2006 was included in the national intangible cultural heritage. Let the scene of great momentum drumming surging up. Opening ceremony, the five wine producers to open the wine brewing. [picture yourself bell teacher and as Q] [chapter second] La MIDI Music Festival: Music Festival is a fun fashion with electric guitar, jazz drums "shock" wake up. In November 5, 2016, Shaoxing MIDI music festival was officially opened in Shaoxing city of Di Dang new plum Dragon Lake sounded China New Youth assembly, a pursuit of music and youth journey again. The Shaoxing MIDI from Tang and the Warring States period, the three stage is composed of many children, will bring more modern musical elements with the sense of the times for the culture of the ancient city of Shaoxing. There is China rock father of Cui Jian, an old friend of Xie Tianxiao, MIDI and Hangzhou steel bands to help bring passionate performances, MIDI army also attracted a large number of Overseas Corps to help out. From the Holland independent electronic band Fara second on the first stage of Tang Dynasty, this is the overseas band Shaoxing MIDI, then also from Taiwan Chinese pumpkin Minnie fans club. In the Warring States stage overseas army, from Slovenia metal band Noctiferia and Japan’s As Alliance brought more ferocious rock music scene. The sun and the lawn, Yellow Wine and rock burst, hi atmosphere to the scene all the buzijin swing with the music. [Third]: Lu Xun’s hometown chapter following Mr. Lu Xun’s childhood anecdotes address: the city of Shaoxing Lu Xun Road No. 241, opening hours: 8:30-17:00 tickets: free and open information. With my two generation ID card to the entrance of each scenic brush free visit. Main attractions: Lu Xun, the former residence of Lu Xun, the ancestral home of sanweishuwu (including BaiCaoYuan, under the pen of Lu Xun, Lu Xun memorial garden). Traffic: take the bus to the station, the "hometown of Lu Xun" or "Jiang Jiayuan (Lu Xun’s hometown)" station namely. The city also take three.相关的主题文章: