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Thousands back to Song Dynasty, a visual feast of the Sohu through the passing tourist trip, the whole is a cultural journey through time and space, both in the Bao Zheng government’s kaifengfu, or Zhang Zeduan’s brush in the garden, whether it is the palace dragon or a strong loyalty Tianbo Yang Fu, we see is the Northern Song Dynasty prosperous and splendid culture, and the ubiquity of chrysanthemum, these are the pride of the city! In our eyes, opened in the city with chrysanthemum elegant, with warm flourishing in Song Dynasty, and the distribution of eight at all the atmosphere. In the evening, we were going to enjoy this northern Shuicheng Yuhe night, but a few days it rains, can only do it, so I came to Songcheng to enjoy a little through the visual feast, the content is about the nature of the Northern Song Dynasty, but also on the kaifeng. "Thousands back to song" is the original Shenzhen OCT art director, national director Zhou Qunsheng featuring general director (see when do not know, how was the feeling how and the eastern overseas Chinese town "Zen day" there are so many similarities?) , stage machinery, music, choreography, lighting and other creative team composed of well-known creative team. The party with the background of the Song History and culture, in thousands of years of history and culture. As the main line, through "a sigh" millennium, "", "" Zen Music marketplace, "and" breeze "," martyrs "dream", "spirit" and other chapters reproduction Bianjing bustling flowers. The party focus on five elements of open water, flowers, people, city, city, using the world’s most advanced stage effects, holographic technology and creative means of high-tech, modern fashion elements into the history of traditional culture, conforms to the modern people’s aesthetic appreciation, with magnificent momentum, gorgeous color. Reproduction of Bianjing downtown, let visitors to bel when Miller beauty, enjoy the culture of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty culture charm feelings. This group of photos [Millennium] order, a sigh is in front of the first act of the party, it is a "Millennium" sigh, rippling, clank lofty tower, Longting, Xiangguo temple…… This is the scene of the great song Sheng Sheng habitat, is the epitome of temperament in the Song Dynasty, after thousands of years today, it’s calm atmosphere, elegant style and one by one present in front of people. [] this is the first chapter of Zen Music a story about Li Shishi, Li Shishi was born C. 1090, the city of Tokyo is the business of the daughter of Li Yin Dyer, division of Bel Canto born with a good voice, less than 15 years old, is already "romantic, singing, play the leading role in the capital the square, high Shuyan flag. According to various data, and Li Shishi had a famous poet in Northern Song Dynasty, Zhang Yan Jidao, Qin, Zhou Bangyan and song Zhao Ji historical celebrity Association et al. Li Shishi is the best at "sing", sung by many "short sentence", namely this song. There is also a story about the origin of Li Shishi’s name. When Li Shishi was three years old, his father was sent in the temple, because Buddhists are called "teacher". The monk thought she was like Buddhists, so called Wang Shishi. Back。相关的主题文章: