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German media: Audi in China lost the official car image but still rely on new network Chinese market – in reference news network September 9 daily moral media said the automaker Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt R & D center located in Beijing 798 Art Center, the location could not be better. "If the Asian customers desire is concerned, we are the pioneer of Audi company, the R & D center director Saad Merz said,"? Asian clients are becoming more and more important." According to the German "Daily" reported on September 7th, the Mets has a team of 250 employees from 15 countries, distributed in various bases in asia. The 49 year old Merz also attaches great importance to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and other leading technology companies Chinese cooperation. He believes that with the Chinese people for Audi research and development technology opportunities. Reported that new ideas and new energy is necessary. 2015, Audi sales decline in china. This subsidiary of Volkswagen only sold 570 thousand vehicles in China, down 1.4%. Other German car manufacturers have increased sales. Mercedes Benz car demand in China increased significantly. The Stuttgart based carmaker was 281588 in China in 2014, up from $373500 in 2015. Audi executives Metz said that in 2015 the Chinese government suppressed the luxury car market, the impact of Audi brand is particularly serious. After all, Audi has lost the image of the most popular official car. The government no longer buys German cars. What the Chinese planners want to do now is to rapidly increase the number of electric vehicles. The government wants to raise the proportion of "green" cars. According to China’s environmental protection department said that the automobile exhaust is a major cause of bad air in large cities, more than 25% of air pollutants from automobile exhaust. Therefore, Beijing as early as 2011 on the development of the electric car revolution large-scale plan. At that time to provide generous subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. Roland Begg International Management Consulting Co., Ltd., said in 2015 China has 306 thousand electric vehicles, sales increased by 123% in the first half of this year. As a result, China will become the world’s largest electric vehicle market. One reason is that electric vehicles in the big cities to get permission to go on the road. Reported that, at present, China’s urban density has become a problem. Munich’s average speed of 32 kilometers per hour, while the average speed of congestion in Beijing is only about 17 kilometers per hour. Beijing residents have 5 million 610 thousand cars. German car makers look at the situation calmly, they still expect growth. Although in the past few years due to China’s economic growth slowed the integration of China’s auto market, but people still do not love the German car brand. Reported that the face of the problem is increasingly decisive role in the purchase of a car. China’s growing digital trend is playing an increasingly important role. In China, the future of the car can provide things that must not only navigation and high-quality stereo equipment, it should also be equipped with the installation of WeChat and other daily applications software. It is in the field of advanced cars belonging to the Germans相关的主题文章: