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Russian media said Putin plans to revive reform broke insider "KGB" – Sohu news Russian President Putin. Photograph: visual Chinese recently, a Russian commercial media "Kommersant" (Kommersant) quoted many unnamed source said, the Russian authorities are planning to reform the law enforcement agencies, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Federal Security Bureau (FSO) and foreign intelligence bureau (SVR) incorporated in a similar the KGB (KGB, KGB) of the agency that the Ministry of state security (MGB, Ministry for State Security). According to "Russia today" (Russia Today) reported on September 19th, sources said, the new preparation stage reform started in April of this year, it is expected that the new national security department initially built in the 2018 presidential election before the start. The newly formed ministry of national security will be responsible for criminal investigation and supervision of other law enforcement agencies. Once the reform is completed, the current Russian law enforcement agencies leadership will be replaced, which would allow some people such as the investigation committee chairman Aleksandr Bastrykin received honorary positions, but not powerful. The businessman said that all the agencies reported in the report had refused to respond, but privately they had received a number of statements confirming the existence of the reform plan. Putin’s press secretary, Peskov (Dmitry), told reporters on that he could not comment on the report on Monday. American Broadcasting Company (ABC) said, "after the reform, Russia will have a strong security mechanism of single, core of the national executive agency, the KGB and the Soviet role is very similar." Currently, the Russian Ministry of national security (MGB) is the biggest problem encountered by the financial difficulties. As Russia is mired in recession, the Fund Day (Rainy) in Russia this month has fallen to $32 billion 300 million from $91 billion 700 million in the same period in 2014. With the sharp decline in oil prices, Russia’s economy suffered a serious setback, is expected by the end of 2016, emergency fund will be reduced to $15 billion. After the new security department was established, the government will only need to spend at least $3 billion 80 million to compensate the employees. It is reported that the news of the reform appeared in the Russian law enforcement agencies in the past few months after the outbreak of a series of corruption scandals. In July, several members of the Russian investigative committee, including the chairman and vice chairman of the internal affairs department, were detained for alleged bribery and abuse of power. On September, Vice Minister of the Russian Ministry of interior economic security of the Federal Security Committee alleged detention of accepting bribes of money. When the Federal Security Commission searched his sister’s home, she found $120 million in cash. The European Council on Foreign Relations (European Council on Foreign Relations) that, if Putin restored KGB is true, then this will be a big change of Putin’s policies, Putin gradually consciousness.相关的主题文章: