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The gold ring, not donations being scolded, Sun Li lately public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The end of the holiday must be very annoying, but there must be a star entertainment than you more trouble, she is Sun Li. Recently, the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award will be held in Changsha to 16 days on October 14th. The organizing committee also announced the competition, depending on the emperor, depending on the list of 16 people, the top of the list is the strength faction. The actor has the "Beijing" in a corner without fighting Xu Tieying nominated Chen Baoguo. Chen Baoguo by virtue of the "Langya list" in the southern part of the Soviet Union, a long list of finalists of the Hu Ge. Hu Ge with "Hey" and "little shuai! Old man! The two works of Li Xuejian. For the first time for Li Xuejian and Wang Kai as the emperor, by virtue of the "Beijing has no war" in the Fang Mengwei nominated. Wang Kai’s list of nominees for the contest is equally intense. Li Xiaomeng and Liyan Tong in the ordinary world. Zhao Liying in "thousands of bones" by Liyan Tong. Open the great drama "Zhao Liying" in the MI months pass, Liu Tao, Ma Su and Xu Baihui. Liu Tao and so on, see here is not feel what? Yes, "Mi month biography" three beauties are on the list, but only the first few actress Sun Li. Sun Li eagle as the emperor after the nomination is through the audience, and China as expert judges Association three party vote. From the popularity of speaking, micro-blog and sun baby for many years, with her husband Deng Chao than Buff blessing in life, Sun Li’s popularity is not high; the acting point of view, the impression that Sun Li seems to acting for the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is a direct to TV drama queen Sun Li firmly secured the throne. The Internet and even spread to the contrast of acting has just won the Baby Sun Li award best female with the lost child: the same drama, baby and Sun Li Biao play, we’ll take a look at how to interpret a mother goddess of the anguish of losing a child: pale Sun Li know that children didn’t face, a despairing look very pale. With tears in her eyes and then tears full of my eyes. Great tears could not stop the tears streaming down. This last scene is finally crying heart, let a person cannot help with tears, a mother lost children probably so sad. This is the next version of Baby: frown slightly to hear the bad news began to cry expression did not much change tears so it looks like Sun Li’s acting both from the sense of hierarchy or degree of heart seemed to afford acting three words, but in the eyes of the director Zheng Xiaolong, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" the best actor is Jiang Xin and Sun Li: Zheng Xiaolong talk about the beginning of the "Jiang Xin biography" Sun Li Mi months has also been questioned by acting back, "Mi month biography" had been Shuaban low to 5 points, even as the "groove sound legend" 5.4 minutes later. Now the "Mi month biography" three beauties are on the list, Sun Li was so embarrassed, I do not know Miss "as the" empress feel. "Mi months biography" score low but Zaoxin thing is always one thing after another, in addition to miss "as")相关的主题文章: