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"We have come to the formation of" women’s day to eat Joe Chen Quartet – "we have come to the" entertainment Sohu set up women’s day   Sohu entertainment news this Friday Hunan TV "we will continue to open to the" green journey in Tengchong, there is beauty beauty pleasure trip, of course, with the characteristics of Yunnan delicacy. In front of the goddess who had put aside the delicacy, "idol burden, without regard to gobble down, Joe Chen is also the scene of the formation of" F4 ", chowhound Xi Mengyao, Karen Mok and Sheenah have entered the elegant style of the women’s day. Eat a bowl of noodle Sheenah basin bottom chowhound "F4" eat in the program, all the guests at the end of the first round of hard shooting game, finally eat the authentic Yunnan rice vermicelli. Early in the morning they run around here and there to take pictures of various poses, and running, washing, stroll duck, double "torture" physical and mental, ten guests have been hungry, see is bigger than the head of a pot of rice noodle, the sisters eyes began to glow. Xi Mengyao and Joe Chen have repeatedly praised, he sent his head buried in the bowl, Sheenah is eating did not stop, even only a little soup too. Jon in micro-blog bursts of nine Zhang Sheenah to eat the photo said: "a dedication in the bottom of the bowl to eat the strange woman, so cute!" At lunch, Wang Han again named Joe Chen: you really can eat!" See a face like the incredible Han brother, Joe Chen smiled and pulled on the side of Karen Mok and Xi Mengyao, replied: "we are the Three Musketeers chowhound!" And the opposite Sheenah quickly raised his hand: "i! I! And i!" Then, chowhound "F4" was formally established! The stars released photography props: "but Joe Chen duck duck tongue delicious" it is understood that in this program, the duck turned all the guests "pet", no matter where guests are carrying the duck or hold, very intimate interaction. The blue team duck let a child holding the final photographic mission, Captain Wang Han decided to put the duck back to the pond, always love small animal said Joe Chen very sad, all the way in and saying: "it is very lovely, I will not eat duck." Wang Han quipped: "do not eat duck?" Carter, Jon gave up his own knife chowhound: "but the duck tongue is delicious!" Stay adorable look dumbfounding. Joe Chen not only to eat, and eat the variety, all kinds of "hardcore" would be nothing difficult, chowhound "F4" must be her captain. In the women’s day chowhound "F4" group, Joe Chen, Xi Mengyao, Sheenah, Karen Mok and how wonderful story? Please pay attention to this Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV "we are coming".相关的主题文章: