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8 year old girl breasts and lump the doctor said Fang Fang the third grade girls in Wenzhou. This attribute symptoms early primary school (a pseudonym) 8 years old this year, she recently met a dilemma: the chest a little bigger, and have a hard lump. In this regard, the growth and development of children in Wenzhou city center director Zhang Yucheng, Fang Fang’s symptoms are precocious. A similar situation, parents should take their children to the hospital as soon as possible, and adjust the child’s eating habits. In recent years, more and more children precocious Fangfang father Mr. Xia said, he took his daughter to see a doctor, the doctor told him that the situation of children belonging to early puberty, may be related to the child’s diet. In this regard, he felt very puzzled: usually the family paid great attention to the child’s diet, do not give her to eat fried chicken, fried food, honey, nutrition did not give children to eat, the living environment is also very attention, how to still move? He asked a colleague around him and found that there are several parents worried about the child’s precocious puberty, some children have just been in the first year of primary school, has been brought to the hospital because of precocious puberty parents. Last month, there are foreign media reports, Jiangsu, Yangzhou, a 9 year old girl to menstruation. In this regard, the growth and development of children in Wenzhou city center director Zhang Yu said, the girl at the age of 8, the boy appeared in the development of secondary sexual characteristics at the age of 9, that is for sexual precocity. Secondary sexual characteristics mainly for girl breast enlargement, boy testicular increase. It is understood that over the years, there is an increasing trend of precocious puberty in Wenzhou. Zhang Yu said that the growth and development as an example to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, the current outpatient visits a year there are more than 10 thousand people, half of them with precocious puberty or early development. Precocious puberty also affect the mental health of children Zhang parity, many factors affect the precocious child, but the most important or bad living environment and a variety of food containing hormones, leading to abnormal development of children’s acceleration, "meat such as child’s long-term eating ingredients containing hormones fed chickens, cattle, sheep, pigs, or in the environment the water pollutants into the water, fish and shrimp are absorbed, then the child intake." Zhang Yu said, like some detergent or plastic products contain additives, these substances if contaminated water or through the skin is absorbed by the child, will cause physiological abnormalities. In addition, excess nutrients will make the development time forward. What are the dangers of precocious puberty? Zhang Yu said, first of all, will cause the child is not tall. Due to premature epiphyseal closure, the growth cycle of precocious puberty will be shortened obviously, no enough time for development, adult height than the normal development of children is much shorter. In addition, precocious puberty will have a significant impact on children’s mental health. Due to the psychological development behind the physiological development, children will be different because of their appearance and body shape, resulting in inferiority and anxiety. The doctor told you that the director of the Wenzhou children’s growth and development center Zhang Yu try not to eat the children into fat parents how to prevent the child’s precocious puberty? Parents pay attention to their children in the diet to eat puffed food, do not eat too greasy. In addition, do not be afraid of children nutrition is not enough. Now a lot of time, the child’s intake of nutrients is superfluous, try not to eat the child fat." In the life, let the child avoid adverse information to stimulate its development. This long-term stimulation will lead to children.相关的主题文章: