Is sweet juice really healthy naughty怎么读

Is sweet juice really healthy? Recently set off a wave of fruit juice, we have all kinds of fruit juice, fruit juice is the most healthy drink. Is the sweet juice on the market really a healthy drink? Fresh fruit juice is really pure fruit juice? Follow the small series together to understand the juice bar! Drink fruit juice or eat fruit good? Not directly eat fruit juice, many parents said worrying, many children with super fruit juice drink, really good to eat fruit or drink fruit juice better, nutritionists said: vitamin and trace elements, eat fresh fruit is better than drinking Fresh Juice, drink Fresh Juice is better than drinking juice. Nowadays popular drink fruit juice, a lot of housewives in the home prepared juicer. However, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University nutrition center director Chen Chaogang think, not good for fruit age infants and the elderly, for most people, can eat fruit or fruit juice drink. Because fruit juice can not replace fruit. The elderly and children drink less amount of juice can help digestion, embellish bowel, lack of nutrition dietary supplement. Adults if you can not guarantee a reasonable diet, drink fruit juice by adding some nutrients, is also a good way. Some people do not like to drink boiled water, there is a sweet taste of fruit juice can increase their drinking water, to ensure that the body’s need for water, is indeed a good thing. There are a lot of fruit in the fruit of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, sugar and dietary fiber pectin, taste is better than ordinary plain boiled water. Compared with water and carbonated drinks, juice does have a considerable advantage. But most of the juice is "good" because of the addition of sugar, sweeteners, sour ingredients, spices and other ingredients after the results of seasoning. Need to remind everyone is: fruit juice nutrition and fruit have a considerable gap, do not confuse the two, juice can not completely replace the fruit. The fruit is solid food, eat one or two already feel very full, and the juice is liquid, can not provide a sense of satiety, some people drink two or three cups of juice still feel not enough, so imperceptibly excessive intake of sugar. This may have three kind of harms: 1, may suffer from "juice syndrome", appeared dizziness, vomiting, bloating and low sodium reaction. Because the rich fruit in the "K" elements, while potassium and sodium XiangShengXiangKe, drink more juice, low sodium low sodium reaction. 2, excessive intake of fructose can not be absorbed and utilized by the human body, and from the kidneys. Long term excessive drinking may lead to kidney disease, resulting in a disease called "juice urine". 3, changes in body weight. Chen Chaogang said, long drink plenty of juice is not to let a person become thin is to make people fat. Nutritional components of fruit juice does not contain all the children, long-term drinking, affect the appetite, not according to the normal diet, the result is drink more lean; for adults, too much juice will only add too much sugar, make people more and more fat. In addition, the fruit juice may destroy the nutritional ingredients of fruit, filter residue cellulose loss. So, for most people, can eat fruit or fruit juice drink.相关的主题文章: