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Debate! "Naruto" is not unfinished? The two dimension is always right and wrong so much, but the so-called Those closely involved cannot see clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded! As a spectator, we have a general view of God, perhaps more clearly see the nature of the problem. But as the saying goes, there are one thousand people of the one thousand Hamlett, each person for the same problem will certainly be different. What do you think is right or wrong? Do you support Affirmative or the other? Please pay attention to the Tencent animation channel every Monday to Wednesday night 0 points to update the feature column – the two dimension debate! As one of the most popular Japanese cartoon "Naruto", even after the end of today still has a high popularity, although the "Naruto" animation is infinite and unlimited drag drag story plot (something important to say two times), but has officially finished comics or to the works a perfect ending. "Naruto" comic series of more than ten years, spent a chapter in the story, but from the beginning of the essay task, then the chuunin exam papers, Orochimaru, Shippuden, Xiao, ninja…… These things are very precious memories when we catch fire. But when it comes to the end "Naruto", netizens evaluation is mixed. Some netizens said that to live to see the "Naruto" is a very happy thing. Although the outcome of some a bit hasty, but also is it all just foreshadowing, and also explains the life of each person, several important characters have also found a life partner gave birth to a lovely child, is a perfect outcome acceptable to all. But there are also a lot of netizens said Naruto is the result of a spicy chicken! The plot of the nonsense would not say, forced CP last and make people deeply drunk, completely is a textbook case unfinished! What do you think of this? So today we come to an argument with facts, to discuss: "" Naruto "is not unfinished?" [Affirmative view: "Naruto" is unfinished! ] [] one of the arguments of the "Naruto" of late has little control, outcome is nonsense to the extreme! Although everyone for the story "Naruto" mixed quality, but without exception, few readers to "Naruto" ending a praise, even to most readers think this ending is really horrible tail too crap. There are many users that is far more than the ending, "Naruto" story from the second part has begun to collapse and runaway. To be honest, the first half part of the story "Naruto" or very good, but with the development of Shippuden plot becomes more and more stop, and this kind of nonsense is reached climax at the end! "Naruto" tells itself just throw darts play between the Ninja Ninjutsu story, Penguin mother until now think this story very good ah! But to the end there is a little ninja on the shadow of war? It has become completely between the Super Saiyan fight? In the end Kishimoto Saishi was abruptly put Kaguya, Asura this mythical legend to move]相关的主题文章: