Dingbian agricultural firm traced to build luxury service building response when no limit (video) 追踪309

Dingbian agricultural firm traced to build luxury service building response: when no limit reporter Zhang Zhuangzhuang intern reporter Li Yuan recently, the masses to the "sunshine newspaper" reporter report, said Dingbian rural commercial bank discipline violations, build luxury office building. The masses questioned such luxury units comprehensive building project is a waste of state and collective resources. While the Dingbian rural commercial bank said that this project is before 2012 and through the approval of the project. People exposed material: spend 200 million yuan to build a luxury building in September 18th, to the masses "the Sun newspaper" reporter report, said Yulin City Dingbian rural commercial bank, despite the ban, in the West Loop in Dingbian County in violation of discipline building built a set of luxury residential and office in one of the total invested nearly 200 million yuan, a serious violation of the provisions. "Dingbian commercial bank in 2011 by the National Banking Regulatory Commission approved the establishment in 2012, planning 30 luxury building, residential building in one of the office." Reporter Zhang told reporters, Dingbian agricultural firms to build a new office building has thirty floors, one to five layers for the office, six to thirty storey residential buildings, not only suspected of illegal construction of luxury office buildings, is also suspected of illegal fund-raising by employees in the name of the construction of residential buildings. Mr. Zhang questioned: "Dingbian lots of gold in the county agricultural firms have four floors of the office building of their own, but the moment, from national to local level ban, agricultural firms also built one of the luxury high-rise Dingbian county territory, is really unbelievable!" Reporter: the senior office floor, wall insulation subsequently, the reporter arrived at the West Loop Dingbian County agricultural firm Dingbian comprehensive service building, saw a thirty storey high building erected, the building also left new a three storey attached building. The building is basically completed, a five storey office building under renovation, a layer for the bank business hall, two to five for the office area, of which three to five are decorating a number of sets of over one hundred meters of luxury suites, including office, bath, rest a variety of functions. A decoration worker told reporters: four floor, floor of the Big Suite more, have a bathroom, there are five. The office of the leadership of the world’s largest manufacturer of wood material is the production of high-grade solid wood flooring, bathroom bath, toilet features readily available, the decoration of the lock on the right, can not be seen. In addition, a senior board packaging conference room inside the wall, even if a meeting, singing voice, the outside is very small, basically can not hear." Decoration workers also puzzled, said: this building residential lighting is not good, are southwest or Southeast direction. Logically speaking, since the investment was so big, certainly to build residential housing, but housing is designed such that it let us understand." Reporters learned that the building has twenty-five floors above the residential building has a total of two layers, A, B, the unit, each unit set up a total of three elevators, a total of six sets of a total of 120 square meters room, a total of 300 sets. According to the rural commercial bank issued network announcement, the comprehensive service building project by the Yulin City Construction Engineering Group Co., the company won the bid, the bid price of 162 million 391 thousand and 782 yuan, renovation of office space of 12000 square meters, with a total investment of 23 million yuan price bidding of outward相关的主题文章: