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"Ghost in the shell" first exposure poster widowed sister cool debut – Sohu entertainment "ghost in the shell" the first official poster of heavily armed gunmen major MOTOKO Kusanagi live version of "ghost in the shell" director Rupert sanders and starring Scarlett Johnson, Takeshi attended the event, click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu Entertainment news by Hollywood sexy goddess Scarlett – Johnson starred in science fiction "ghost in the shell", today released the poster and trailer, Scarlett – Johnson as the other robot hero for the first time the major MOTOKO Kusanagi stunning bright. The trailer in the burning and fierce gunfight scenes racing especially Madden, rather the cyberpunk sense of future cities also exposed the tip of the iceberg. A live version of "ghost in the shell" from the beginning of the shooting, by the global attention of fans. Prior to the film side released a 14 second Trailer Preview, has caused a huge stir. Today, the "ghost in the shell" released the first official trailer, Scarlett – Johnson played a major MOTOKO Kusanagi is still the core elements. It can be said that the film has higher reduction in the original character, but sexy handsome major MOTOKO Kusanagi, including Japan’s famous director Takeshi as director Amaki Daisuke, eyes are the sub orbital partner Barthes public security section nine members after the stage. The trailer, major MOTOKO Kusanagi fierce gun battle with the enemy fly over the walls and other robots for the first time the stunning debut, chill revealed sexy, metal mechanical beauty burst, full of cool. At the end of the trailer, the figure of a man appeared in the screen, although not exposed, but there are indications that the criminal may be a smile face man". A lot of gloom free ink depicting animated version in the vision of the future, but also in the notice of one or two: the future of the city a bright neon, rainy weather, like a dream the city street, the mysterious veil of cyberpunk surreal city image and three-dimensional. Attack shell mobile team, the original setting, the story takes place in a future overhead metro, science and technology is highly developed full sense of the future, is a bio chemical, bionic and human survival of the community. The secret action group "hero of major MOTOKO Kusanagi served as captain of the ghost in the shell" is designed to deal with all kinds of criminal activities and the establishment of risk. A live version of "ghost in the shell" will reproduce the original description of the future world, showing the future of the city and the singular treacherous lustrous and dazzling scene. It is reported that the live version of "ghost in the shell" held in Tokyo in November 13th the global notice of the event, the film director Rupert sanders and starring Scarlett Johnson, Takeshi attended the three filmmakers to arouse enthusiasm of the fans instantly. In the event, the fans in addition to the film can be seen behind the scenes of a rare clothing props, but also personally involved in the protagonist change interactive experience activities. A live version of "ghost in the shell" by Rupert Sanders directed, in addition to the Hollywood sexy goddess Scarlett – Johnson, starring lineup also includes Beck, Juliet del Piru – Binoche, Takeshi, Huang Jinghan, Fukushima Lira etc.. The film produced by Paramount Pictures film company, has been in New Zealand, Shanghai, Hongkong Chinese.相关的主题文章: