Han fire fire is now the goddess of private things Angela Baby, Shu Qicheng doubt the object 追踪309

Korea fire goddess   private home now; Yang Mi Angela Baby Shu Qicheng suspect — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn Korea fire fire fire fire Han recorded the scene recording scene Han fire recording scene recently, star variety "WULI" home room deep Han prosperous house, for the transformation of personality jiezhuang. It is reported that, as the goddess of reaper entertainment, are "really goddess traces" Han prosperous home, the host site conveniently poke a pile of clothes, he discovered a box of milk paste, shocked the audience, netizens gossip nerve immediately is also touched: "Yang Mi, Gao Yuanyuan, Angela Baby, Hsu Chi and he often cooperate very likely is this a few!" In fact, netizens speculated that the reason, as the Queen’s stylist A-listers, Han never fire family missing goddess according to his visit, Yang Mi, Gao Yuanyuan, the scene revealed that Angela Baby and Hsu Chi really is a frequent visitor to the room. But the surprise is that there are so many goddess activities trace, Han fire in the recorded program before did not pick up, not only the big clothes everywhere, and even private objects that are wholly intact pads in front, the host was turned out after the Korean fire is not a face. Netizens have brain hole wide open: the feeling that this is a story of the sticker, you know!" Seeing women by their own private objects exposed to fire, Han nerve a still unaware, but in another scene a lot of big bestie Mengliao, many netizens said: "the fire is also loved by Han Rio upright, but I love!" It is reported that in September 7th, "WULI" will become the exclusive on-line house in Iqiyi, more exciting will be presented one by one! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: