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People questioned the supermarket "with a plurality of holes Strait news network November 14th there are a small hole injection water crab crab pinhole on the feet on the foot" (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Zhu Liping Ventura) "in November 11th bought a crab dish in WAL-MART Sam’s club, can be steamed dish full of water, carefully the observation that, on both sides of the big hole." Fuzhou netizen "Mo Yan recently micro Bo said, suspected to buy water injection needle. Reporters yesterday found that many Fuzhou crab shell needle big holes, some people are very worried about. In this regard, the industry said, for you can not because of this needle injection, the crab will soon die, The loss outweighs the gain. Experts said that the surface of the crab hole, it may be caused by microbial erosion, or the impact of crabs caused by each other. Supermarket: if people worry, can return "Mo Yan" he said, this time to buy crab dishes 317.8 yuan a kilogram, did not expect such a poor quality. For the fear of friends, WAL-MART supermarket relevant responsible person said that the dish crab could not water, first of all, increase the amount of weight to the crab not water. Secondly, after the water crab will die, die crab is not sell. The responsible person, if people worry, you can hold a small shopping ticket, return to the supermarket. Business: the industry has never "water" practice yesterday, the reporter visited the Fuzhou new West camp a number of aquatic wholesale market stalls, most crab shells and no needle big holes, but there is a small hole in the abdomen or thighs. Fuzhou new West camp in the wholesale market of fresh Xinhua Gong boss said, crab is very fragile, the surrounding environment changed slightly will die, not to mention other liquid injection. The market price is only the dead crab crab crab to live half water, did not increase the number of components, but The loss outweighs the gain. Do aquatic so many years, never heard of water injection to crabs." New West camp in the wholesale market, a number of aquatic wholesale households, said crab after flooding is not only easy to die, and some people have tried, the water will spit out from the crab mouth. For dead crabs, there is no such practice in the industry. Dr. Cai Jiali graduated from the Biology Department of Xiamen University has said in an interview, live crab will be soaked in water, self regulating body of water, even if forced into the high density salt weight, it will only undermine the crab crab viscera, lead to faster death. Expert: a variety of circumstances or cause "pinhole" surface "crab holes, there may be a crab in the growth process, the erosion caused by microorganisms; in addition, both ends of the shell and pliers are very sharp, the collision in the process of transportation, but also may lead to" pinhole "." Fuzhou Aquatic Industry Association, chairman of the forest, said crabs found above, you can rest assured that food. Why are some crabs cooked after all water? Lin said that the poor quality of the crab industry known as the "water crab", cooked a lot of water. (channel network)相关的主题文章: