The reason behind Yang Mibao’s voice Satay from rhinitis 法拉利599gto

The reason behind Yang Mibao’s voice "Satay": from rhinitis Yang Mi Sina entertainment according to Taiwan media reports, Yang Mi [micro-blog] looks sweet, beautiful figure, in recent years, relying on excellent acting to do lots of TV dramas and movies, is both popular and powerful actress, but the road for many years, although acting gradually sure, but one thing is affected by many netizens criticized, that is the "voice", her voice and with a nasal whine comparison, many users feel hypocritical sounds disgusting, she recently explained the reasons behind the program. Yang Mi recently in the reality show "real man" in the second season show the heroic side, all kinds of difficult challenges are completed, dubbed the "female man", but when she began, in particular, the thick nasal voice whine or let users very uncomfortable, she explained because childhood suffering from rhinitis, was made from time to time the nose suction action in daily life, prevent snot, fans knew that she is because of rhinitis, nasal is relatively heavy, when talking to people kind of spoiled feeling. In fact, Yang Mi knew that many people don’t love your voice, in a few years ago the movie "the times" of the conference when he was asked, netizens think the main reason lies in the difference of movie box office good evaluation of her voice, "there is no private training, want to change the sound way, when she showed high EQ in the film revealed that his voice was a terrier," Lin Xiao (film) how to speak so bluntly, like Yang Misi, accept criticism. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: