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Nanchang Red Valley Road on the west side of the tunnel through 9 months in advance (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Nan Changhong Valley Road on the west side of the tunnel ahead of 9 months through October 13th (Figure), the reporter was informed that the Nanchang Red Valley tunnel construction and closed Yiyuan Road 9 months ahead of time through, in a "semi open" state at present, already has the conditions of delivery. Yiyuan road surrounding traffic recovery. Reporter Xu Nanping photo by Nanchang Red Valley tunnel construction and closed Yiyuan road is in a semi open state, there have been traffic. Reporter Xu Nanping photo Yiyuan Road 9 months ahead of the "half open" Red Valley tunnel connects with the old city of Nanchang city Honggutan, starting point is located in the east of Feng and Yiyuan road and road intersection, the route from west to east along the Yiyuan road below the layout, wearing red Valley Avenue, Gan River Avenue, and in a straight line crossing the Ganjiang River, Eastern River Road, Zhongshan Road, Chaoyang Road in the delta are respectively connected with the underground interchange tunnel, the main line is about 2650 meters. The tunnel set 2 ramp in the West Bank, were set up in Yiyuan Road (road in Ganjiang road to the Red Valley) the export import B A ramp and ramp. The east coast set 7 ramp, respectively, along the avenue of access along the Jiangbei Road, Zhongshan Road, Chaoyang road. 13 days, reporters at the Red Valley West of the Ganjiang River Tunnel ramp where Yiyuan road to see, before the construction of enclosure have been removed, there are many vehicles running on the road, at the junction of Yiyuan road and Lam Road at traffic lights has been started, road traffic police are on duty. At present, from the Gan River Avenue from the north to south direction and Red Valley Road from south to north direction, can enter the Yiyuan Road, from Yiyuan road can also be entered in the Ganjiang road from the north to south direction and Red Valley Road from south to north direction, but in the Ganjiang River Lane Avenue and the intersection of Yiyuan road stands guardrail. "According to the original plan, we have opened the Red Valley tunnel in the end of June next year, the road opened at the same time." Red Valley tunnel project relevant responsible person said, at the beginning of September, Lam Road and Yiyuan Road interchange has, at the end of September, Yiyuan road and road in Ganjiang River Avenue and Red Valley to achieve a one-way exchange, it is expected before the 9 months ahead of time. The entire road has been delivered under the conditions of the Red Valley tunnel project since the start of 2014, when the west coast of the open pit excavation tunnel project has been fully started, in the construction of pit maintenance structure, the beginning of the cofferdam. Then, the Bank of the ground surface of the wall and underground continuous construction, and the construction of flood control long bag cofferdam. The west side of the open pit excavation of the tunnel project is about 850 meters, set up 2 ramps, the length is 220 meters. Ramp respectively Yiyuan Road exit ramp A and imported B ramp, two ramp connecting sites were located in the Red Valley Boulevard East about 100 meters. The starting point is a two-way 4 lane tunnel into the ground, beneath the Red Valley Boulevard, AB ramp (2 lanes) access to the main line, forming a two-way 8 lane, near the Ganjiang road in the collection is a two-way 6 Lane Road Embankment in the Ganjiang River in about 100 meters in the East River and immersed docking, maintenance of the structure needs to be laid more than 200 dozen pile foundation pit open cut excavation in the tunnel engineering of the West bank. At present, the West Greenland road pavement construction basically completed).相关的主题文章: